Minami Takayama and Megumi Hayashibara are in charge of the narration for ‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow’! Collaboration with Nittele ‘ZIP!’

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Theatrical versions of “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” and “ZIP! ] A special collaboration with the corner “Trendy News Kiterune!” It will be held. For five days, from April 10 to 14th, the characters of “Detective Conan,” played by Megumi Hayashibara and Minami Takayama, will be narrating.

In commemoration of the movie version “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” being released on April 14, 2023, NTV’s morning information program “ZIP! It was found that a special collaboration with the corner “Fresh news Kiterune!” will be held.
Over the five days from April 10 to 14th, the Detective Conan characters played by Megumi Hayashibara, Wakana Yamazaki, Kenichi Ogata, Rikiya Koyama, and Minami Takayama will narrate.

“Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” is set in a marine facility called “Pacific Buoy” built near Hachijojima, Tokyo, to connect security cameras owned by police worldwide. This is the 26th movie version that unfolds the story of Conan and Haibara being stalked by a dark shadow.

Will Haibara’s true identity Sherry/Shiho Miyano, finally come to light in his nemesis, the Black Organization? While the long-awaited story approaching the heart of the series is attracting attention, it has been announced that Kazuki Sawamura will appear as a guest voice actor, and Spitz will be in charge of the theme song, which is attracting more and more attention.

A unique collaboration with this work, “Trendy News Kiterune!” I’m here!” It will be a corner that introduces stories every day.

On April 10, Megumi Hayashibara, who plays Ai Haibara, will introduce new work at a convenience store. On April 11, Wakana Yamazaki, who will play Ran Mouri, will present a spring sports mix outfit.

Also, on the 12th, Kenichi Ogata, who plays the role of Dr. Agasa, will be invited to arrange recipes officially released by the company. Minami Takayama picks up orange sweets.
On the 14th, on the day of the release of the theatrical version of “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow,” Conan Edogawa and Sawamura, who is a guest voice actor in this work, will perform “ZIP! will appear live.

The theatrical version of “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow” and “ZIP! A special collaboration by the corner, “Fresh News Kiterune!” will be held five days from April 10 to 14th. Please enjoy the narration by the main characters of “Detective Conan” for five days until the release.

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