‘Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow’ First video release, the story reveals the black organization approaches Ai Haibara

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A special report (https://youtu.be/il6DMVlvQgk) of the latest movie version of the national anime series “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine) “was released, revealing the story. The video gives Ai Haibara a feeling that the evil forces of the Black Organization are approaching.

The original manga by Gosho Aoyama has recorded 250 million copies worldwide, with 102 volumes already published, and the TV anime series has surpassed 1000 broadcasts.

” The 25th movie “Detective Conan: Halloween Bride” released in April, was also a big hit, with a box office income of 9.74 billion yen and an audience of 6.99 million people . Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire” (9.37 billion yen in box office revenue), making it the No. 1 movie series in history.

The stage of this work, which is the 26th movie version, is the sea near Hachijojima, Tokyo. Engineers from all over the world have gathered for the full-scale operation of the marine facility “Pacific Buoy,” which connects security cameras owned by police around the world.

A certain “new technology” that applied a face recognition system was being tested there. Meanwhile, at Sonoko’s invitation, Conan visits Hachijojima with the Detective Boys. Subaru Okiya (Graduate student at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo / FBI investigator = Shuichi Akai / Black organization = Rye) sends an employee of Europol, a European police organization, to Germany. Unfortunately, a phone call comes in saying that a member of the organization, Jin murdered him.

Suspicious, Conan sneaks into a patrol boat carrying members of the Metropolitan Police Department, including Hyoe Kuroda, who is headed to guard the “Pacific Buoy,” and infiltrates the facility. However, an incident occurred in which a female engineer was kidnapped by a black organization. A USB that she had with a certain piece of information falls into the hands of the organization. And a black shadow creeps up on Ai Haibara (Shiho Miyano / organization in black = Sherry).

The bulletin begins with a pushing sound that resembles the melody of the nursery rhyme “Nanatsu no Ko,” indicating the email address of “that person” who is the boss of the black organization, and “Crush …” on the screen of Vermouth’s mobile phone. Characters. Triggered by Conan’s line, “Is it true -!?”, many pictures of Haibara and the organization’s members are displayed on the monitor. In addition, Dr. Agasa, FBI’s Akai, and the Metropolitan Police Department’s Kuroda, who turn the steering wheel with a desperate expression, are in full force.

Haibara is also shown wearing glasses that seem to belong to Conan and shedding tears. At the end of the video, as Conan desperately swims in the sea, Haibara’s voice says, “Help me, Kudo-Kun…” as if in response to the copy of the teaser visual, “Don’t die, Haibara.” I can hear it, blacking out as if my eyes were closing. Has the organization finally revealed that Haibara = Sherry?

Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine) “will be released nationwide on April 14, 2011.

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