‘Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow’ tops the box office on the first day of release

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According to the tally by the Korean Film Promotion Committee, the Japanese animated film “Detective Conan: Submarine” attracted about 117,000 spectators on the 20th, the first day of its release in South Korea—Won 1st place in the box office ranking.

Tom Cruise’s action movie “Mission: Impossible / Dead Reckoning PART ONE,” which has been at the top of the box office since its release on the 12th of this month, dropped to second place with about 103,000 viewers on the 20th.

According to the distribution company of “Black Iron Fish Shadow,” the number of spectators on the movie’s opening day was the highest among the “Detective Conan” series released in South Korea.

“Kurokutetsu no Uokage” is the twenty-sixth feature film series of the famous Japanese mystery manga “Detective Conan.”It was released in April in Japan and became a big hit with more than 9 million spectators.

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