New Jeans, No. 1 on ‘K-Pop Radar’ Overwhelming music video views + Spotify followers 50 times the average of other artists

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Girl group NewJeans took first place on the K-pop chart show ‘K-POP RADAR’s weekly fandom chart broadcast across the United States.

K-pop chart program ‘K-pop Radar’ is the first regular American radio program in K-pop history and is drawing attention. On the 21st, K-pop Radar Weekly Fandom Chart was announced.

On this week’s chart, New Jeans’ “Super Shy” occupied the top spot. New Jeans’ ‘Super Shy’ music video recorded 22.84 million views during the 2nd week of July on K-Pop Radar (July 7, 2023 to July 13, 2023). Spotify followers increased by 140,000, about 50 times higher than the average K-pop artist’s 3,000.

Also, according to K-Pop Radar, New Jeans’ Instagram followers increased by about 144,000 during the week, and Twitter followers increased by about 24,000. During the same period, K-pop artists’ Instagram followers increased by an average of 10,000 and Twitter followers by 618, confirming this is an overwhelming record. K-Pop Radar said, “They announced a successful comeback with a record worthy of a popular girl group.”

In the TOP 10 of the weekly fandom, chart announced this week by ‘K-Pop Radar,’ the debut song ‘In Bloom’ of the rookie group ZEROBASEONE ranked 3rd, promoting a successful debut, followed by NMIXX.

They were followed by ‘Party O’Clock’ by A.A. and ‘One and Only’ by ENHYPEN. In addition, TXT and Jonas Brothers’ “Do It Like That” and EXO’s new song “Cream Soda” entered the 7th and 10th places, respectively.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart announced by ‘K-Pop Radar’ is a chart produced by K-Pop Radar (, a fandom data service of music startup Space Oddity.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart is the only chart dedicated to K-Pop created based on data from major global platforms in line with the current situation of K-Pop, where more than 90% of K-Pop is consumed overseas.

It is recognized as a fair and transparent chart by reflecting the number of views and release date of YouTube music videos and the increase and decrease of fandom on major global platforms, such as the increase in Twitter and Instagram followers and the increase in Spotify followers.

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