The movie ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Part 2’ will lead to ‘Four Knights of the Apocalypse’ in October and will be distributed on Netflix on August 8.

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The second part of the animated movie “The Seven Deadly Sins Edinburgh Part 1”, exclusively distributed on the video distribution service “Netflix,” will be distributed from August 8th.

The trailer and critical visual have been lifted. At the same time, Hiroyuki Sawano’s vocal project SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] will continue to be in charge of the theme song for “Part 1”, and the new song “Odd: I” will also be sung by Akihito Okano of the rock band Porno Graffitti. is a unique work drawn by the author of the trailer of the original manga, Hiroshi Suzuki.

This is an adventure fantasy in which Meliodas, the main character of the “Deadly Sins” series, and Tristan, the son of his wife Elizabeth, face the “great power” inherited from their parents and fight to protect their family. It is a must-see story for fans, connecting the previous “Daisin” series and “Four Knights of the Apocalypse,” which is currently being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and will start broadcasting TV animation in October.

The stage of “The Seven Deadly Sins” is an ancient era where humans, demons, goddesses, fairies, and giants coexisted. A story in which the main character, Meliodas, fights against evil threats while searching for his comrades who once fought together, , to restore peace to the kingdom of Liones. And this work, which is directly connected to the story of “The Seven Deadly Sins,” is set in the world 14 years after Meliodas and others have regained peace.

Just when you think peace has come to the kingdom, Elizabeth is threatened by a curse, and Tristan (CV: Ayumu Murase) sets off on a journey to confront the culprit, Death Pierce (CV: Yohei Azakami). Along the way, Tristan encounters a fairy. His true identity is Lancelot (CV: Koki Uchiyama), the son of members Ban and Elaine of the Seven Deadly Sins and Tristan’s childhood friend.

In the video that has been lifted, Tristan declares, “I will break the curse on Mama right now!” However, despite all of his attacks, Despear, who holds a staff imbued with the power of “chaos,” cannot get through to him, and the two are forced into a tough fight. Tristan, who was about to give up without anything to do, was encouraged by Lancelot, saying, “Show me the real self that you fear!” determination.

In Tristan’s eyes, the power he inherited from Meliodas slowly takes possession of him. You can feel the charm of “deadly sin” from every corner of the video, such as battle scenes where you fight while supporting each other, speedy action, and the test of the power to swallow yourself that Meliodas once experienced.

In addition, in Meliodas’s special move, “Full Counter,” members Ban, Diane, King, and Gowther fight together to create a must-see moment for “Deadly Sins” fans. Holy Knight also appeared.

In the visual, Meliodas and Elizabeth are depicted on Tristan’s sword, and Ban and Elaine are described on Lancelot’s spear. Will Tristan, Lancelot, and the “Deadly Sins” members be able to stop the threat of the “power of chaos” approaching Elizabeth?

In addition, the emotional voice of Okano, who welcomed the vocalist, and the lyrics with a powerful message are combined, and the theme song that seems to express the feelings of Tristan growing while conflicting in the battle raises expectations. please give me

Okano said, “This time, I will sing the theme song for the movie ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Part 2’. I am very honored to be able to participate as a guest vocalist for SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. “The Seven Deadly Sins” x “Hiroyuki Sawano” x “Akihito Okano” for the third time! This song is also a masterpiece,” he said confidently.

Sawano commented, “Since working with Okano-san on the [nZk] album, I have had the opportunity to provide the theme song for Okano-san’s solo project for the TV anime and ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: The Movie: The Seven Deadly Sins: Those Who Are Cursed by Light.’

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