‘Devil’s Blade’ 2nd place with a difference of 4.5 times

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In the 2023 spring anime recording ranking in the third week of May, ” Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Edition ” topped the list for six consecutive weeks. The point difference with the second place is about 4.5 times, and it is wide open.

Last week’s 2nd place, ” Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch Season 2,” was not included in this ranking because it was a special broadcast that looked back on episodes 13-17. 2nd place is ” Jigokuraku, “3rd place is ” Pocket Monsters New Series, “and 4th place is ” [Oshi no Ko], “each moving up one place from last week.

Last week’s out of the top 10, ” King’s Ranking Courage Treasure Chest ” ranked 5th, and ” Boku no Kokoro Yabai Yatsu ” ranked 9th.

Spring 2023 anime, recording count ranking (measured on May 17)
1, ” Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith’s Village Edition ” 6 episodes (100P)
2, ” Jigoku Raku ” 7 episodes (22P)
3, ” Pokemon New Series ” Episode 6 (20P)
4, ” [Oshi no Ko] ” Episode 5 (19P)
5, ” King Ranking Treasure Box of Courage ” Episode 5 (12P)
6, ” Dr.STONE NEW WORLD ” Episode 6 (12P)
7, ” Blue Orchestra ” 6 episodes (12P)
8, ” The Ancient Magus’ Bride SEASON2 ” 6 episodes (11P)
9, ” My Heart’s Dangerous Guy ” 7 episodes (11P)
10, ” Tengoku Daimakai ” 7 episodes (10P)

They were created by the “Anime Hack” editorial department from data provided by Panasonic “DiMORA.” Targeting terrestrial digital broadcasting in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we measure the recording reservation status of animation programs broadcasted up to one week ago. Long-running programs on the air for over a year are excluded from the ranking.

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