Eiichiro Oda: “The Story is in Its Final Stage”

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“ONE PIECE” manga releases volume 100 today, on September 3. The advertisement for the release featured an image of the creator Eiichiro Oda drawing a panel with the sentence “The story is in its final stage.”

We know that he previously said last year that One Piece would end in 4-5 years. The person who translated his interview live back then also said it might end in 4-5 years. However, given the history of Oda’s previous statements, he expected it to last for at least seven more years.

One Piece is currently commemorating the 100th volume and upcoming 1000th anime episode with several projects. The “WE ARE ONE” project is one of many, and we will see more in the coming days as the milestones get even closer. The episodes so far have been:

– Zoro and Sanji in Davy Back Fight
– Powerful women characters
– Law, Corazon, and Doflamingo backstory
– Straw Hats farewell to Vivi

You can also check out the unique cover of One Piece volume 100 below:

One Piece being in its final stage sounds exciting, though also sad at the same time. Let’s hope Oda-sensei delivers an epic ending to the already epic story!

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