Douko Kika, who plays the role of Tara-chan, said her last line after 54 years was, ‘Papa always plays with me.’

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On the 26th, Fuji Television announced that voice actor Douko Kika (real name: Doko Horiuchi), who passed away on the 5th at the age of 87, has been working on the popular anime “Sazae-san” (Sunday, 6:30).

It was announced that voice actor Rikako Aikawa would play the role of Tarao Fuguta, also known as Tara-chan, from the broadcast on March 5th. On this day, the “Sazae-san Hinamatsuri 1 Hour Special” expanded to 60 minutes and was broadcast, and Takaie played the role of Tara-chan.

In the last episode, “Play with my child,” “Ba” was played. Since her debut in 1969 (Showa 44), she has continued to play Tara-chan. In 2019, along with Midori Kato, who played Sazae Fuguta, she entered the Guinness World Records as “the voice actress who continues to play the same role for the longest time in a TV anime series.” Authorized gentleman.

“Papa always plays with me” was her last line of 54 years. Aikawa, who is known for her role as Piolan in “To Your Immortality” and as Ishishi in “Kaiketsu Zorori,” said through the station, “At this time, I will be taking over the role of Tara-chan from my great senior, Douko Kika—Tara-chan, who everyone has loved for a long time. I want to cherish the healthy and cheerful Tara-chan who Kikadoko-san raised. Thank you very much.”. (Various news, Yasuhito Sugita)

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