‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ new episode will be distributed on ‘Good Couple’s Day’ Tsukasa’s cooking video is also available.

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It has been decided that the new episode of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” ” Tonikaku Kawaii ~Seifuku~ ” will be distributed on November 22nd, “Ii Husband’s Day.”

This series is based on Kenjiro Hata’s romantic comedy manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (published by Shogakukan). A mysterious, beautiful girl, Tsukasa (CV: Akari Kito ), and a super-talented boy, Hoshizora Yuzaki (Nasa/ Junya Enoki ), will get married after 0 days of dating, and they will lead a lively and happy newlywed life.

The first phase of TV animation will be broadcast in 2020, and the production of the second phase has also been decided.

In addition, a music video using the new animation is being released on Warner Bros. Japan’s official anime YouTube channel. Tsukasa’s cooking scene is projected along with the character song “Tsukasa’s Kitchen.”

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