Elucidating ‘Why !?’ of manga and anime with science ‘Fantasy Science Reader’ new series started

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It has been decided that a new series of “Fantasy Science Reader”, which started publication in 1996, will start and will start publishing for three consecutive months from June.

The “Fantasy Science Reader” series scientifically elucidates the phenomena depicted in the world of manga, anime, and games. About 26 years after the publication started, the new series started. It is scheduled to be published for three consecutive months from June this year, and the first “Fantasy Science Reader I” is expected to be released on June 24th (Friday).

According to the book, “The freezer of” Dragon Ball “has a fighting power of 530,000! What kind of strength is it !?” “There is” Satoshi’s most potent legend “in the world of” Pokemon “.? Is it extreme? Twenty-one manuscripts such as “There was a must-read scene depicting the greatness of Purgatory in the scene of the” Devil’s Blade “infinite train!” It will be posted.

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