Hiromu Arakawa ‘Peasant Aristocrat’ decided to be an Original animated exhibition in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Agriculture Future commentary on agriculture by university professors.

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Hiromu Arakawa’s essay cartoon “Peasant Kizoku” (published by Shinshokan Wings Comics), known for “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Gin no Saji Silver Spoon, “and Tokyo University of Agriculture “Food and Agriculture” Museum in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo The reproduction original painting exhibition “Hiroshi Arakawa x TOKYO NODAI 2022” is being held until March 4, 2023.

Before becoming a manga artist, he worked in the family farming business in Hokkaido for seven years. The author, who knows the joys and sorrows of agriculture, captures the harsh realities of Japan’s dairy industry while presenting a difficult and powerful way of life with hilarious episodes.

The total number of books sold up to 7 volumes has exceeded 3 million copies. Exhibits reproduction of original drawings of “Peasant Kizoku” and Hiromu Arakawa’s treasured collection. From October to December this year is the first term, and from January to March next year is the second.

Based on the “Peasant Kizoku” manga, panels explaining the present and future of natural agriculture by university faculty members, impressive stuffed animals, miniatures of drones and tractors, and more.

At the opening ceremony held on the 14th of this month, it was announced that the anime adaptation of “Hyakusho Kizoku” will be made. Information about the anime will be notified as needed on the “Wings” magazine, “Peasant Kizoku” official Twitter, etc., with free entrance. The opening period is until March 4, next year.

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