Episode 114 Synopsis: ‘Pokemon’ Shinji reappears for the first time in 12 years, and his partner, Electivire, also has a 3 to 3 battle with Satoshi

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The scene cut and synopsis of episode 114 of the popular anime “Pokemon” (official abbreviation: Anipoke TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55) has been released. Shinji, a rival of the main character, Satoshi, will reappear for the first time in 12 years since “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” (September 2006-September 2010).

Shinji is a former rival of Satoshi who traveled to the Sinnoh region and has played many famous games in Pokemon battles with Satoshi. In episode 114, “Flame Special Training Battle! Satoshi vs. Shinji !!”, Satoshi and Go, who was called to the laboratory by Dr. Orchid during the special training for the Master’s Tournament, gave a hot ale from Satoshi’s Pokemon in the laboratory. When I received it, I reunited with my rival Shinji when I was traveling in the Sinnoh region. Shinji and Satoshi will have a 3-to-3 battle without change.

The anime “Pokemon” currently being broadcast is the 7th in the series. Set in all the regions that have appeared so far, various Pokemon that live in each region also appear, and the story of Satoshi and Go, the main characters of W, adventuring in each region with their partner Pikachu.

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