‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ love pillar, Kanroji Mitsuri’s ‘strength’ and ‘preparation’ ‘sex appeal’ authentic charm that is not a character

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The following content includes spoilers for anime and comics that will be aired in the future.

The broadcast of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” animation 3rd term, Swordsmith’s Village edition has been decided. A new “two pillars” will appear in the swordsmith’s village edition, and their tremendous sword skills will be shown. One of them, Kanroji Mitsuri, uses a technique called “breathing of love,” and the scenes of “chest squeezing” frequently appear in other characters, which is different from the conventional “pillar.” is doing.

Some people have been perceived as “sex appeal” characters from the appearance, clothes, and bathing scenes. However, Kanroji Mitsuri’s role in the demon slaughter corps and the essence of her character are profound, and its charm is multi-layered.

There is no doubt that the episode related to honey is one of the highlights of anime’s third season. Consider the character characteristics of Mitsuri.

Pillars of the demon slaughter corps and honeydew temple honeydew

In the battle with the intensifying demons every day, the demon slaughter corps lacked two “pillars” due to the death of Flame Hashira Kyojuro and the retirement of Sound Hashira Tengen Umeda. Only a minimal number of soldiers can compete with powerful demons.

Meanwhile, in the swordsmith village edition, two new pillars will appear. Kasumi pillar, Tokito Muichiro, and Koi pillar, Kanroji Mitsuri. Muichiro, who had a sword and climbed to the pillar in just two months, is undoubtedly a genius who has made a name for himself in the history of the demon slaughter corps. On the other hand, Missouri is also one of the “female pillars” with only two people, and her fighting power is comparable to other pillars.

However, of the nine types of breathing used by the pillars, Mitsuri’s “love breathing” was highly unique.

Isn’t honey hunting like “demon hunting”?

Kanroji Mitsuri often laughs. She is the eldest daughter of five siblings, and Mitsuri is very caring, and she has a bright and gentle personality that makes her unlikely to be a swordfighter in demon hunting.

At the time of the first appearance of the 6th volume of the comic, Mitsuri was at the tense “Hashira Meeting” (* the Hashira Meeting held to decide the punishment of Sumijiro and Nezuko), but “Kyun” while looking at other people. I was thrilled, and I couldn’t feel any tension alone.

She also emphasized the so-called “femininity,” as she wears trousers with a more exposed chest design, compared to her not only that gesture but also the same female swordfighter, Kocho Shinobu. Was there. She is therefore sometimes misunderstood as a “sex appeal character.”

When Sumijiro asked her about her “reason for joining her demon slaughter corps,” she replied, this line of honey is famous.

The battle of the demon slaughter corps is not half-hearted. Unlike demons, who are physically repaired, human soldiers are hurt, and many lose their lives. Many soldiers cannot recover, with their eyes closed, their limbs lost, and the aftereffects of demon poison.

Generally speaking, if you want to find a “lord who will follow you,” you will not have to put yourself in the fight against the “monster” called a demon. However, the “deep meaning” that led to Mitsuri fighting as a demon slaughter corps was hidden in this line.

The anguish and “weakness” of honey

She is cheerful and carefree honey, but in her swordsmith village, there are scenes where she vomits the anguish in her heart. She had excellent “muscles” that far surpassed normal humans and therefore had to eat an amount beyond her common sense. In addition, her hair had a bright green color like young leaves and a lovely pink color.

The stage setting of the feudal “Taisho era,” the fact that women are “stronger” than men, and the fact that they are “different” from other women are sufficient reasons to be regarded as sinful. Therefore, Mitsuri is thrown terrible words by the matchmaking partner’s man.

It was nothing but a denial of her dignity, a denial of her existence as herself. Her troubled honey reduced her diet, dyed her hair black, pretended to be helpless, and lied a lot.

The determination of honey

The words given at her matchmaking deeply hurt Mitsuri’s heart. However, when she meets Teruya Sanyashiki, the head of the demon slaughter corps, she becomes able to face her true self.

Ya / Vol. 14, Episode 124, “She’s crazy about her”)

And she can finally affirm her “living as she is.”

<What I can do as I am, isn’t it useful for people? > (Honeydew Temple Honeydew / Volume 14, Episode 123 “Honeydew Temple Honeydew Light”)

Missouri chose to “use her” abilities for others. ” She puts her life and puts everything. ――Kanroji Mitsuri, who cries with tears and wields her sun sword, “I will never lose to the bad guy,” is irritating and robust.

The strength of the hidden honey

Her greatest weapon at Kanroji Matsuri is “strength” and “flexibility,” which cannot be imagined from her strength. And her most excellent characteristic as a character is that she has “strength that cannot be seen by appearance.”

The honey bathing scene has become a hot topic recently, but all she can see from her naked body at that time is her healthy beauty. There are no scars on her body, and her arms, belly, back, and hips have no depictions reminiscent of “human strength.” However, her body, which looks like her ordinary girl, has been trained. By the time she became her “pillar,” she had swung her sword thousands and tens of thousands of times and was strong enough to compete with the demons of the first string.

Missouri’s “Sakura-colored sword” is produced by Tetsuchin, the best technician in the swordsmith’s village, and is longer, softer, and harder to handle than a standard sword. Due to the tremendous discipline of honey, it can be swung down without any deviation. It’s hard to understand at first glance because the appearance of honey is always cheerful, but she has the strength to be a “pillar,” both physically and mentally.

The charm of Kanroji Mitsuri

The charm of honey is not “sex appeal.” It’s her heart-pounding “love.” It is the power emitted from the human heart. Instead of pretending to be herself, she chose to be herself. Her passion strengthens her. She decided that her “her true self” was to devote her body and life to protect her weak others.

The determination of honey as a member of the demon slaughter corps is heavy and precious. Her cry of “I want to live as I am” strikes our hearts as she sees. In the third season of anime, you will be able to understand why she is a “love pillar fully.” And, a little later, after the battle at the swordsmith’s village, a “love episode” awaits in Mitsuri.

Her sad words, muttering in her heartfelt mutter, are dispelled by true love. Kanroji Mitsuri lives like her until the end and does not lose her bright strength. Her words should resonate strongly in the hearts of those who are worried that she is herself.

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