Anime collaboration “goodwill” thief public bath “return immediately” Sumida-Ku, Tokyo

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A security camera installed in a public bath in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, captured the moment of theft before dawn on the 13th.

The man who appeared is holding the “goodwill” of the public bath. I stole the stick through the goodwill and walked away without eating anything.

The stolen one was the only one in the world that was made in this public bath because it was a collaboration with the popular anime “Kageki Shojo !!”. Immediately before the crime, the man used a shared bath as a guest. After taking a bath and receiving the key to my footwear, I stole the goodwill immediately after going out. According to the public bath, a criminal is a man in his 60s, not a familiar person.

At the public bath, he hurriedly made new goodwill, but he said, “Some people are looking forward to the event of the anime” Kageki Shojo !! “and came to our house. I want you to return the goodwill as soon as possible.”

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