The secret of the ‘hotness’ of the live-action movie ‘Tokyo Revengers’

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Manga, anime, live-action movies, theatrical performances. Now, there is a work in which the media mix is ​​accelerating, and the “heat” is rising rapidly. ” Tokyo Revengers” produced by “Shinjuku Swan” manga artist Ken Wakui (the title of the anime / live-action movie is “Tokyo Revengers,” after this “Tokyo Revengers”).

The live-action movie version, which was released on July 9, recorded the first week in a dignified manner. Takumi Kitamura, Yuki Yamada, Sugino HarukaAkira, Imada Yoshisakura, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Atsushi Maeda, Hiroya Shimizu, Hayato Isomura, Shotaro Mamiya, Ryo Yoshizawa, and other popular stars gathered together in a super-luxury specification, and I was interested in “Tokyo Revengers” after seeing this cast. Many will have it.

The cumulative circulation of this work has exceeded about 25 million (as of the end of June 2021). While it is a “Yankee manga” that inherits the pedigree of “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” it mixes science fiction elements called “time leap.” The story of a new tide. In this article, we will explore the appeal of “Tokyo Revengers” by crossing manga, anime, and the live-action movie version released on July 9. First of all, the brief synopsis of this work is as follows (act in parentheses: is the cast of the live-action movie version). Martial arts Hanagaki (Takumi Kitamura), a freeter who learned that his former lover, Hinata Tachibana (played by Hina: Mio Imada), died in the conflict of the criminal organization “Tokyo Revengers.” At that time, Takemichi, who was pushed down to the train platform by someone, suddenly released his time-leaping ability to “return to today 12 years ago (10 years ago in the live-action movie)” and returned to his school days. After that, Takemichi, who happened to shake hands with Hina’s younger brother Naoto (played by Naoto: Yosuke Sugino), returned to the present. Then, the future has changed, and Naoto, who should have died with Hina, was alive. Takemichi realizes that “the condition for activating Time Leap (going back and forth between the past and the present) is to shake hands with Naoto,” and decides to go back to the past again to rescue the chick from the loop of death.

The setting of going back and forth between the past and the present many times to avoid misfortune from loved ones is reminiscent of the movie “Butterfly Effect” (04) and the remake version “Time Machine” (02). However, what is interesting about “Tokyo Revengers” is that it mixes elements of Yankee cartoons, and “now when the criminal organized” Tokyo Revengers “was still a bad group, it infiltrated, and the truth is. Imposing the mission of “searching for.” Takemichi was with the president of the swastika, Manjiro Sano (played by Mikey: Ryo Yoshizawa), and the deputy president, Ken Ryuguji (played by Draken: Yuki Yamada). Meet these strong men and foster friendship. Then, a question arises in Takemichi. “Why did these nice guys become a villainous criminal organization.?” It was the work of Tetsuya Raresaki (played by Kisaki: Shotaro Mamiya), who was the cause of the violence of the East Swastika, and Shuji Hanma (played by Hammer: Hiroya Shimizu) who teamed up with him. And Takemichi stands up to destroy their ambitions to protect his fellow swastika.

The skeleton of “Tokyo Revengers” is the structure in which “saving chicks,” which was the proposition of time leap, develops into a larger “saving one’s important people.” When we get there, “time leap things” and “Yankee cartoons” are fused, and elements of flashy decisive battle scenes between bad guys, men’s hot-blooded dramas, and sweaty plot suspense are introduced.

The composition of friendship and fighting scenes, which was unnecessary to save a lover, becomes indispensable as the purpose expands to “save friends” and the readers and spectators. The tension also switches from “love story” to “fighting action.” To add to the fate of Takemichi’s continued escape, a growth drama that runs up to become a “crybaby hero” is added, and “heat” sparks at once.

The tricky construction that once dares to go through a heretical road and then returns to the mainstream attracts readers who are not good at Yankee manga. They will become addicted to the fist fighting and friendship unique to Yankee manga as they read it. It is said that many of the readers of “Tokyo Revengers” are women, but the reason why the base has been expanded is probably that such an approach has been successful. In addition, the significant strength of this work is that all the characters that appear are attractive.

In addition to the main characters, there are many characters if you include the enemies who stand in the way. Still, all the characters are drawn so vividly that it would be complicated to narrow down the “push” to one person (the author). Is Chifuyu and Mitsuya.) For example, Mr. Wakui said, “The short guy is strong.” Mikey, who says “Tenjho Tenge” (from Kodansha), has an aura worthy of the most important name, and many readers will have a longing for Doraken, who has a wide field of vision with his partner. In the live-action movie, Ryo Yoshizawa and Yuki Yamada are enthusiastically performing at the whole copy level (Yamada stretched his hair to become a Draken and spent all year with “Draken Hair”), and even a good looking person as a living person is added. Yamada’s screaming performance makes the atmosphere of the place flutter, and Yoshizawa’s daily low tension → the charisma shown in command of “I’ll crush!” When leading his subordinates is hot. In the anime, the contrast between Yu Hayashi’s boyish voice and Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s reassuring bass voice works.

The fight is soaked in defeated dog guts, but Takemichi, who says that he will not give up no matter how much it becomes tattered for his loved ones, is addicted to the modern “sympathetic” hero image and naturally wants to support him.

The 10th episode of the anime is “Awakening Time,” in which the famous Zerifu “I can’t run away this time. This is the revenge of my life !!” appears. Still, the muddy enthusiastic performance that pushed the feelings of Yuuki Shin to the front is with Takemichi. Synchro. In the live-action movie version, Takumi Kitamura, who played a genius boxer in “Underdog,” fascinates the “preparation” that makes you feel even crazy with the acting of the whole body (the gap with the comical drama of the gag part is hot!). However, the essence of “Tokyo Revengers” does not stop here.

The splendid character depiction of this work, when combined with “Time Leap,” achieves the ultimate evolution. What is it? In parallel, draw the “current changes” of the bad guys who were rampaging freely in the past. Mikey, for example, is now wholly “fallen into the dark,” and the cheerfulness of the time is invisible. In addition, Takemichi’s best friend, Atsushi Sendo (played by Aku-kun: Hayato Isomura), has a slightly different personality and position with each time leap.

I will not talk deeply because it will be a part of an unanimated & live-action movie, but it will change to many other characters (and will return to the present) (It changes every time) is coming, and it doesn’t end with just “cool!” In Mikey, whose emotions sway, it can even be treated as a heroine in the original story.

In “Tokyo Revengers” itself, each character has a spectacular past, has complicated feelings close to romantic feelings with friends, lies for self-protection, panics, and breaks the heart, mentally There is no compromise in the depiction of the surface, “this is all right.” Mr. Wakui’s delicate “how to draw the heart” has been dramatically strengthened by the setting of “time leap,” which drives the characters and looks at their growth and downfall seriously (as a result, the emotions are transmitted to the readers). It is. But what is interesting is that Mr. Wakui did not invent this “time leap” idea.

The aforementioned “Tokyo Revengers Character Book” In “Tenjho Tenge,” when Mr. Wakui, who was asked by the editor in charge to “draw a Yankee cartoon,” refused “I don’t know the young Yankees these days,” he said, “Until the past of the time when (Mr. Wakui) understands, the main character. It is said that it originated from the proposal that “I should do a time leap.” I’m surprised by the editor’s flexible thinking, but Mr. Wakui’s skill in cooking the ingredients so well can only be said to be a stone’s throw.

What is common to anime and live-action films derived from the original work born in this way is the strength of affection. The live-action version starts with an actual scene, but it will make you grin, “Obviously, someone who likes the original made it.”

The original love is bursting out in the actors’ acting (in the anime, Takuya Eguchi and others who played half a crazy are impressive in addition to the above members).

In July, the video of the new ED that started from the 13th episode of the animation is also very enthusiastic (the ED theme song is sung by the up-and-coming musician “Nakimushi,” which is a link to the work. Feel).

The rock-taste epitome (BGM) also has a lot in common between the anime and the live-action movie version, and the feeling of “made by gathering favorite people,” including the completeness and enthusiasm of the “texture” scene of the anime It is transmitted. In particular, the live-action version may be positioned as the next large-scale series for Warner Bros., which has completed the “Rurouni Kenshin” series, and such expectations are high. In the live-action version, “how far to draw a long-lasting series” is very important. Still, it is never unreasonable in this work, and it is limited to an episode that is convincing to the original fans.

This is also the part where you can feel the love of the original, but looking back, it can be inferred that if this work succeeds, it will produce a sequel and other series. According to the information, as of July 19, the rocket has started with 1.1 million people mobilized and box office revenue of over 1.5 billion yen in 10 days from the release (screenings in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand are also decided). “Tokyo Revengers,” which is currently on sale up to 23 volumes, is highly acclaimed. It is being published, and the animation has entered the “Blood Halloween Edition.” It is inevitable to show another story from here, and the live-action movie version is not only a hit, but expectations are rising as to how far the numbers can be hit.

The “future” of “Tokyo Revengers,” which is equipped with the fun and novelty of iron plates, is likely to change infinitely. Sentence: SYO movie writer. He was born in Fukui prefecture in 1987. Learn about video and theatrical expression at Tokyo Gakugei University. After graduating from university, I worked as an editorial production for a movie magazine before becoming a movie writer. To date, he has worked extensively on interviews, review articles, news articles, columns, event reports, recommendation comments, etc.

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