PUI PUI Molcar” suddenly breaks in France Netflix official tweeted “???”

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The anime “PUI PUI Molcar”, which caused a big boom in Japan, is now suddenly buzzing on Twitter in France. After all, the cuteness and fun of Molker were common throughout the world …?

The trigger was a tweet posted by Netflix France on April 9th. When I tweeted that I was confused while attaching the first episode of the animation, it became popular with about 33,000 RT / about 100,000 likes. In the tweet, there were impressions such as “What’s this” and “The best video in the world” in French, and voices such as “Molcar is excellent” and “Waiting for season 2” from people who have already seen the whole story. It was being done. It is also pointed out that “they seem to represent our society”, and it seems that it is universal to conclude that “human beings are stupid”.

In response to the buzz of the post, the same account tweeted “Hello Japan” in Japanese the next day. However, “PUI PUI Molcar” should have been distributed worldwide (excluding some parts of Asia) from March 2021 on Netflix, but why now the official French account suddenly tweeted. It is a mystery.

Anyway, I feel relieved when I think that the reaction when I see it is expected. Hopefully, I’d like to take this opportunity to manage to make Season 2 of Buzz all over the world.

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