Even if the voice actors are changed, ‘it doesn’t feel strange!’

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Inheriting the feelings from the predecessor

A voice actor who brings the anime characters to life and supports the work’s popularity. While he may continue to be in charge of the same character for many years, he is often replaced by the next generation cast due to aging. In this article, I will introduce an animation that has succeeded in changing voice actors.

First of all, the most talked-about work is “Crayon Shin-chan.” Since the start of the anime broadcast in 1992, Akiko Yajima has been in charge of the main character, Shinnosuke. However, Mr. Yajima volunteered to leave the board, and her voice actor was replaced in 2018. Yumiko Kobayashi, who plays a wide range of roles from boys to girls, is the second generation.

In addition, Shinnosuke’s father, Hiroshi, also made a baton touch to the new cast when the late Keiji Fujiwara devoted himself to medical treatment. Toshiyuki Morikawa, who has been interacting with Mr. Fujiwara since he was a newcomer, will be in charge of the role from 2016. Many fans praise “I’m glad they were the second generation even on the internet. I’m impressed without any discomfort.”

Also, in “Detective Conan” which has been broadcast since 1996, Akira Kamiya, who played the role of Kogoro Mouri for many years, dropped out in 2009. Since 2010, Rikiya Koyama has been selected as a new voice actor. Mr. Koyama is a famous voice actor who appears in many works such as the overseas drama “24” series. Since the change, more than ten years have passed, and fans said, “I was a little surprised when I changed, but now Kogoro Mouri itself.”

“Lupin III,” whose TV series started in 1971, is also one of the anime fans have loved for many years while repeatedly changing voice actors. The cast of the main characters, such as Goemon Ishikawa and Fujiko Mine, and the main character Lupine III, has been replaced many times.

Mr. Kanichi Kurita, the second generation Lupine III, was famous for showing off Lupine III’s impersonation as a mimicry talent. Mr. Kurita, Yasuo Yamada’s predecessor, fell ill and suddenly appeared at work. Since his debut as a voice actor in 1995, “Mr. Kurita’s Lupine has been established” has become a hot topic on the internet. Behind the longevity work that continues to capture the hearts of fans, there may be extraordinary efforts by the voice actors.

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