A completely new animation, ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby ROAD TO THE TOP,’ will be distributed at 21:00 on April 16th.

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The first episode of the new anime ” Uma Musume Pretty Derby ROAD TO THE TOP ” “Yume no Hajimari” will be distributed on the YouTube channel “Paka Tube!” from 21:00 on April 16th.

In “ROAD TO THE TOP,” Uma Musume, who was called the three strongest of Narita Top Road, Admire Vega, and Tie M Opera Oh, won the classic triple crown ( Satsuki Award, Japan Derby, Kikka Award). A story that aims and competes is drawn.

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is set in a world where Uma Musume, who inherit the names and souls of real racehorses, live school life with their friends and trainers, aiming to win the Twinkle Series.

On the other hand, “ROAD TO THE TOP” is an entirely new animation, and it is said that even those who have never touched Uma Musume can enjoy it. Animation production is handled by Cygames Pictures of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Paka☆Age↑Mix” and “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS U149”.

Narita Top Road: Kanna Nakamura Admire Vega: Hitomi Sasaki T-M Opera Oh: Aozora Tokui

Original work: Cygames Director: Cheng Zhi Scenario Director/Series Composition: Tetsuya Kobari Character Design/General Drawing Director: Jun Yamazaki Character Design Supervisor: Minami Kiyonaga Color Design: Ayumi Nakahara Yoshinori Nakano Editing: Keiko Kimura Music Producer: Tetsuya Uchida Acoustic Director: Takaomi Kanazaki Content Director: Takuma Akitsu Animation Production: CygamesPictures (C) Cygames, Inc.

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