First place was a double-feature screening of the omnibus of ‘Haikyu!!’ This Week

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From September 15th to September 21st, 2022, the articles that attracted the most attention in Comic Natalie were the anime movie “Theatrical version omnibus first part “Haikyu!! Winners and Losers” will be screened as a double feature in October.

This is a screening event held as part of the 10th-anniversary project of TOHO animation, “TOHO animation THEATER FES.” It will be held on October 16th at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku and TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro in Tokyo, and TOHO Cinemas Namba in Osaka.

In the reading section, in conjunction with the special broadcast of the ninja anime “Sasuke” and “Ninpu Kamui Gaiden” on a historical drama channel, “a writer who applies ninjutsu to readers,” Sampei Shirato, and the charm of his works, writer Ninja Published an article with Masuda explaining.

In the unique feature of STUDIO ZOON, a vertical scrolling manga production studio established by CyberZ in partnership with the video creator group BABEL LABEL, Mr. Takahiro Yamauchi, President and CEO of CyberZ and Mr. Hisato Yamada, President and CEO of BABEL LABEL, talk about how to proceed with the business.

Hear about the strategy and vision of In the unique feature of the manga contest “comic Vertical Color Manga Award” held by comico, and we will deliver a roundtable discussion by Mr. Kazuhiko Torishima, who is a particular judge, Mr. Takashiro, chief editor of comico, and Mr. Kawakami of the editorial department.

On the column page, we publish an article that looks back on the progress of the Japan Media Arts Festival, which has become a hot topic with the announcement that “we will not be recruiting works for the 4th year of Reiwa.”

In charge of the editor Yumi Sukemune (Kodansha Creators Lab IP Development Lab Leader), who worked on “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” and “Kakafukaka,” is in the series “Manga Editor’s Origin,” which looks back on her debut work. Appeared. In the series “What day is it today? ~A fun anniversary to remember with manga~”, we introduce a manga where you can enjoy episodes with grandpa and grandma in conjunction with “Respect for the Aged Day” on September 19th.

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