Fishing manga ‘Houkago Tebo Nisshi’ will be made into a live-action drama in early summer Author announces, ‘Look forward to it.’

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It has been decided that the manga “After School Diary” will be adapted into a live-action drama in the early summer of 2023. The author, Yasuyuki Kosaka, updated his Twitter and announced.

Yuru Camp △ Do it in the wind? On Twitter, the live-action adaptation announcement page of “After School Diary” called out, “We have decided to make a live-action drama! Future information will be announced in Champion Retsu’s magazine, so please look forward to it.”

Serialized in “Monthly Young Champion Retsu” (Akita Shoten), the story depicts the fishing life of high school girls. Haruna Tsurugi, a first-year student at Unno High School, is an indoor person who doesn’t like living things, but while walking on the embankment, she meets Kuroiwa, her senior.

She is forced to join the mysterious “Tebo Club.” I will start fishing. A youth club activity story that wakes up to the fun of fishing surrounded by unique members.

The comic has exceeded 1 million copies, and the TV animation was broadcast in 2020.

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