Minami Hamabe struggles with the challenge of voice acting ‘I crushed my heart’ Feeling growth overcoming a significant role ‘My heart became a little stronger.’

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Actors Kento Kaku and Minami Hamabe attended an event just before the release of the anime movie “Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni” (released on the 27th), held in Tokyo on the 18th. In connection with this work in which the two main characters change the country’s future, two people who will play the double lead appeared as a surprise at a screening event limited to students responsible for the country’s future.

Some fans even cried. Kento Kaku & Minami Hamabe, who cheered on the students, looked back on the dubbing over the two days, saying, “We did it repeatedly.” It’s a dim, silent space, so the feeling of being alone is powerful, and if you’re alone, you’ll get negative emotions like ‘I’m going to ruin this movie’ or ‘I’m going to cause trouble’ and get depressed. I was crushed, and my heart was destroyed,” he revealed that he was suffering.

However, Kaku and other co-stars joined him halfway through, saying, “Thanks to everyone, my heart that was broken once was revived. , I somehow managed to do it, so I feel a little stronger.”

This work tells the story of Naranbayarulu (Kaku) and Sala (Hamabe), who were never supposed to meet in two hostile countries, Baikali and Alhamit. For the sake of the country’s future, the two are suddenly forced to play the role of a married couple and fall in love without even realizing it. What is the miracle no one has ever seen, the love of two people who move the country?

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