Bocchi the Rock! Is it a boost? The electric guitar is the best-selling item at Shimamura Musical Instruments ‘Influence of Popular Manga based on girl band.’

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Shimamura Music, a general musical instrument store, has announced the top 10 rankings of musical instruments sold at stores in the second half of 2022 (September 2022 to February 2023).

selling musical instruments due to the “influence of popular manga based on animated girl bands.” This popular manga, mentioned by Shimamura Gakki, is Bocchi the Rock! (Broadcasting of the anime will start in October 2022 and will be a big hit).

In addition, an employee of Shimamura Gakki, who previously appeared in a unique feature on an NTV news program, said, “Bocchi the Rock!’ and commented that the related electric guitars recorded sales dozens of times more than usual.

Strong sales of electric guitars, electric basses, and amplifiers
Comparing the number of sales of musical instruments at all Shimamura Music stores on an existing store basis for the same period of the previous year, the ranking announced this time is the number of musical instruments with increased sales.

The first is the electric guitar. In particular, the “Bocchi the Rock! The demand for the Les Paul type, the main character’s favorite, “Bocchi-chan” Goto Hitori, is soaring. “It is thought that the number of purchases increased among beginners who wanted to start playing electric guitars because they sympathized with the characters in the manga.”

The electric bass, which ranked 4th, also explained that sales increased significantly for the same reason as the electric guitar. Demand for amplifiers, which are indispensable for playing electric guitars and basses, is also growing and ranked second. Above all, the type that can be handled relatively easily for beginners was popular.

Wind instruments and easy-to-play tambourines are also popular.
Wind instruments are also popular, and it is said that this will continue to recover from 2022. Horn and trumpet are ranked in the top 10 this time.

In addition, various events that were canceled due to the corona disaster are now being held, and Shimamura Gakki explains that musical instruments that can be easily played at events and parties, such as the kazoo, tambourine, and whistle, which entered the TOP 10 this time, are recovering. Are doing.

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