A robber imprisoned Haibara! ‘Detective Conan’s R134 episode

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The synopsis and preceding cut of episode R134 of the anime “Detective Conan” has arrived.

“Detective Conan” is an anime adaptation of Gosho Aoyama’s manga of the same name. High school detective Shinichi Kudo was transformed into a child by a mysterious organization.

He hides his identity, calls himself Edogawa Conan, and challenges various complex cases in cooperation with his childhood friend Ran Mouri, his father Kogoro Mouri, and the Boy Detectives.

This episode, R134, is a digital remaster version of episode 768, “Ai Haibara Confinement Case,” broadcast on February 21, 2015.

Conan and the others look for Haibara, who has gone shopping and has yet to return.

Conan, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko walk around the residential area searching for Haibara, who has gone shopping but has yet to return. Meanwhile, I found a muffler that had fallen on the side of the road. Conan realizes that it is Higaki Mitsuru’s pet cat and belongs to Chiro, who is attached to Haibara. Conan and Haibara became friends with Mitsuru by chance a while ago.

Conan and his friends find Chiro in the well and go to Mitsuru’s house to return him. However, there has yet to be a response when Conan and the others ring the house’s doorbell. Mitsuru seems to be away.

Meanwhile, when Haibara wakes up, he is tied to a chair and gagged. The clock on the wall points to 2:00 p.m., and she realizes she’s been asleep for five hours. Haibara sees a terrarium that has Indian Star Turtles and remembers that he has come to Mitsuru’s house.

After shopping, Haibara finds Chiro and visits Mitsuru’s house. At that time, a robber dragged him into the house, put a handkerchief over his face, and knocked him unconscious.

After this, he assumes that a robber has imprisoned him. Nearby is Mitsuru, who is in a similar state, groaning as he watches the news on the television that is left on. The information is about the murder of Mitsuru’s husband, Naoshi Higaki, in a toilet at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido.

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