Namihei Isono, 54, takes on a soccer challenge on Respect for the Aged Day.

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Fuji TV’s anime “Sazae-san” (Sunday 6.30) was broadcast on the 18th, and the existence of Namihei Isono, the head of the family, was highlighted last week.

The episode “Flickering Yellow Card” aired on the 11th revealed that Namihira was actually 54 years old. On Twitter, “Namihei Isono is 54 years old, Masaharu Fukuyama is 53 years old”, “Namihei Isono is 54 years old, the same age as Kuranosuke Sasaki when it comes to entertainers”, etc., and surprises spread. For example, on this day, “Last week, Namihira was 54 years old, and the week before last, Norisuke was banned from going out.”

The 19th was Respect for the Aged Day, and an episode related to Respect for the Aged Day, “Namihira is Grandpa?” was broadcast. Namihira and his wife Fune are congratulated by his grandson Tara. However, Namihira, who is still young, tries various things, such as getting a beauty pack and playing soccer with Katsuo. Challenge. In despair, I was encouraged by the appearance of older people enjoying old age, which was about positively enjoying myself.

The day after soccer, Namihira suffers from muscle pain and has Fune put a poultice on him. Then, on Twitter, there were voices of encouragement, saying, “If you have muscle pain the next day, Namihira-san, you are still young.”

Also, “When I saw 54-year-old Namihira recklessly playing soccer and being out of breath the next day, I realized again that Kazu, who is also 54 years old (actually 55 years old) and is still active, is amazing. So I did it,” wrote another commenter, once again realizing the greatness of FW Kazu (Kazuyoshi Miura = 55), who continues to play in the soccer JFL Suzuka Point Getters.

On the other hand, Namihira also voiced his concerns. In the first episode of the day, “I want to be a ladybug,” there is an act in which Wakame misunderstands that Wakame’s cherished ladybug brooch is alive and releases it outside. On Twitter, there were tweets such as “Please be more worried about Mr. Namihira, who mistakenly sees the ladybug brooch as aliveā€¦”

“Sazae-san” has recently been making the internet buzz every week, with the shocking episode “Norisuke’s entry and exit prohibited” being broadcast on the 4th.

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