I want to enjoy the rainy season when it’s dull, Summary ‘Furuba’ Shigure ‘Hakuouki’ Kaoru Nagumo

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The Japan Meteorological Agency announced on June 14 that “the Kanto Koshin region seems to have entered a rainy season.” The climate affects the human body more than we imagined, and many people feel depressed due to the overcast sky on a rainy day. Even if you plan to go out, you may not feel well, or the hair you have set may be damp and unkempt.

The element that makes such a gloomy mood even a little more exciting is … love! It’s also a big one in the oversized class! Anime this time! Anime! Now, let’s introduce the Yandere characters that appear in anime works, entitled “5 selections of [Yandere characters] that you want to enjoy during the rainy season.” Yanderes express an unusual affection for a person who has a favor. Perhaps such too heavy love will blow away your gloomy feelings. In this article, we will deliver [Male Character Edition]!

Confinement in a cage because of worries … “AMNESIA” Tohma The first thing I would like to introduce is the anime “AMNESIA” that was broadcast in 2013 based on the otome game released by Otomate in 2011. There are many targets to capture because there is only the original otome game, but the Yandere character that was talked about at the time of broadcasting as “too dangerous!” Is Tohma (CV: Satoshi Hino). Of the five routes, it included elements such as domestic violence, bullying, and house arrest, making it the most exciting route. Yes, it’s “house arrest”! As you can see from “CV: Satoshi Hino”, this is a friendly brother-type Toma. They act to protect the hero, but fear gradually begins. Despite their worries, they are forced into the house, the protagonist is reluctant to go out, and eventually, they are put under house arrest in a stuffed toy cage. Actions because of love are too crazy! The development was decided in the animation, but in the game, there are 3 branches of “GOOD” “NOMAL” “BAD” END. We hope you will enjoy the three ways of Tohma’s love. Recommended… Of course BAD It’s END.

I get jealous and have a relationship with the other mother … “Fruit Basket” Shigure Sohma The TV anime “Fruit Basket” currently being broadcast also has a character with a distorted affection. Yes, this is Shigure Sohma (CV: Yuichi Nakamura). When the re-animation was announced, the author was delighted that even the last of the original was drawn, “You can see the distorted purple Wu …!”. Since it is a work being broadcast, I will not touch spoilers so much, but even though it has already been broadcast, “Because my soulmate, Minato, slept with another man, I have a relationship with his mother,” “I’m angry.” I want to make it my own, so I use Toru. ” The cool broadcast, titled “The Final,” is about to end. It’s been a painful development toward the final episode, but can Shigure, Minato, and other characters have a happy ending? Whether you know the last of the original or not, let’s see it to the end!

Plan to kill my sister to become a “real” younger brother … “Code Geass” Lolo “Yandere” is not limited to the opposite sex with romantic feelings. Rolo Lamperouge (CV: Takahiro Mizushima) from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” (2006) is a typical character. “Code Geass Rolo suddenly appeared in the sequel “~ R2” (2008) of “Lelouch of the Rebellion” and began to call himself the “younger brother” of the main character, Lelouch, whose memory was partially rewritten. Originally, he was an agent who pretended to be his younger brother for the purpose of monitoring and assassinating Lelouch, but he was inspired by the love of Lelouch as a family and became dependent on him. Even if it’s false love … Because of his love, he has strong jealousy for Lelouch’s true sister, Nana Lee, and even plans to kill him. However, Lelouch, who regained his memory, hated such behavior and was treated like a discarded piece, saying, “I will use it up and throw it away like a rag.”

“I want to be a dog” Stalker … “Inu x Boku SS” Yandere also exists in the relationship of “master-slave”. A typical example is Soshi Miketsukami (CV: Yuichi Nakamura) from “Inu x Boku SS” (2012). At the first meeting with the main Ririchiyo Shirakiin, he begged, “Please make me your servant, no dog!” As the word says, we will do our best without leaving the side of the Rin butterflies like a “loyal dog”. While pouring love that can be said to be overprotective to Rincho, I feel a lot of “madness” from the appearance of responding to other people’s interests. We also back up a large number of emails from Rincho, and stalk the food we receive, such as preserving and preserving it, which became the ED of the second and ninth episodes of the anime “Photograph of Paradise”. It can be confirmed. The viewers were disturbed by the lyrics such as “Hidden video LET’S playback” and “Dedicated GPS” and the images such as a large number of photos posted in the room. I want you to enjoy the ED along with the animation.

I want you to understand your spiciness with the same spiciness … “Hakuouki” Kaoru Nagumo It was the TV anime “Hakuouki” (2010) based on the otome game that created the precious existence of “Sister complex, and Yandere”. Year). Kaoru Nagumo (CV: Hasumi Ito) is the twin brother of the hero’s farewell. At the time of the first meeting, she was dressed as a woman, and because she was the main character, she was also a mystery. After his parents died, he was adopted by the Nagumo family in Tosa. While growing up with terrible treatment, he is jealous of the hero who has lived a happy life, but he also has a desire to protect him as “a younger sister who shared only one blood” and has distorted feelings mixed with love and hate. I will. The protagonist suffers in various ways, “because I want you to understand your pain.” When I share the spiciness, I think that I can be “equal” like in the past. Since it is a media mix work, “Hakuouki” can enjoy various endings, but in reality, this Kaoru Nagumo has only a sad ending. If you are interested in reading this article, please pay attention to the end of Kaoru Nagumo. I think it’s irresistible because it’s pity.

Enjoy the melancholy rainy season in Yandere! So far, I have introduced 5 [Yandere characters] carefully selected by the author. The rainy season makes me feel gloomy. I hope you can enjoy the melancholy feeling by touching various Yandere characters. We introduced 5 people. The rainy season makes me feel gloomy. I hope you can enjoy the melancholy feeling by touching various Yandere characters. We introduced 5 people. The rainy season makes me feel gloomy. I hope you can enjoy the melancholy feeling by touching various Yandere characters.

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