‘SPY×FAMILY’ 2nd cour OP theme song BUMP OF CHICKEN

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The trailer for the 2nd season of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” ( Spy Family ) has been released. At the same time, the theme song information was also released, and BUMP OF CHICKEN’s new song, “SOUVENIR,” was decided as the opening theme song.

The preview video shows a bomb terror plot to end the Cold War relationship between neighboring eastern and western countries. Lloyd, Sylvia, and other spies track down the terrorists to prevent it from happening. The comic elements of “SPY x FAMILY” characters are also abundantly included in the serious development.

The main character of this work is Lloyd, a spy who works daily on intelligence missions for a better world. A special mission (mission) arrives such him. It is to “create a family and infiltrate a certain prestigious elementary school.” A spy action comedy that creates a “family” and challenges missions.

The original manga has been serialized in Shonen Jump+ and is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 25 million copies.


Please tell us how you felt when it was decided that you would be in charge of the opening theme song.

It was a work that all the members enjoyed reading, so I was very honored when I received the offer. I watched the 1st season of the anime every week and was filled with anticipation for the 2nd season.

Please tell us your impressions after reading the original manga “SPY×FAMILY.”

Although the stage is almost entirely different from the world we live in, there are many points where I can empathize with the feelings of the various characters who live in it, and I was made to laugh and cry many times.

The Forgers are very charming, and their attitudes toward their fake family often make me angry. However, this is the family I want to see forever. I’m just curious as to what will happen next.

Broadcast information
TV Tokyo Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
Television Osaka Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
TV Aichi Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
TV Setouchi Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
TV Hokkaido Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Saturday, October 1, 23:00-23:30
BS TV Tokyo October 2 (Sun) 24:35-25:05

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