‘Mobile Suit Gundam Kukurusu Doan no Shima’ Is Gundam Koji Tsuruta? Fight with dual wield like a gangster movie!

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A mobile suit (MS) battle of the movie version animation ” Mobile Suit Gundam Kukurus Doan no Shima ” (released on June 3) directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko , who was in charge of character design of the animation “Mobile Suit Gundam”. A new cut has been released. RX-78-02 Gundam operated by Amuro Ray is depicted holding two beam sabres and fighting with two swords and a variant MS-06F Doan-only Zaku used by Kukurus Doan with high mobility. Zaku has appeared.

In the movie version, MS is expressed in 3DCG, and MS battles are centred on ground battles. Gundam is said to play an active role in the image of a yakuza movie. Director Yasuhiko noted, “Since this movie is a story about Gundam playing an active part that I couldn’t show in” THE ORIGIN “, I’m also cautious about making it appear fantastic. I’m a generation. It’s old, so I wanted to get the glue from the old gangster movie. I’m saying that the Gundam in this movie is Koji Tsuruta rather than Ken Takakura (laughs). “

However, since the story’s centre is Doan and Doan’s Zaku, Gundam’s activity is limited. Amuro will also be placed in a situation with many restrictions. How can you make Gundam look like Gundam in that little appearance scene? Recently, I think there have been many battles where light things fly around in outer space, but this time it is low-tech, and it is a work that fights on the ground. ” speaking.

“Kukurusu Doan no Shima” is an episode of the 15th episode of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” broadcast in 1979. The melancholy was drawn. In the movie version, episode 15 is redrawn.

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