‘Funeral Free Ren’ ‘SPY×FAMILY’ ‘Hitorigoto of the Pharmacist’ Why is Atsumi Tanezaki so important?

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All by himself, he plays anime characters who have nothing in common: Anya Forger, a girl with supernatural powers; Freelen, an elf wizard who has lived for 1000 years; and Princess Gyokuba, who lives as the emperor’s wife in the inner palace.

The voice actor is Atsumi Tanezaki. Looking back on her career, we can see that she has played various roles. Why is it so important? How great an actress will she become? I imagined it based on her past performances and words.

When did anime fans become aware of Atsumi Tanezaki? “Special Edition Sound!” will be released on Blu-ray on December 20th. Some may remember the delicate performance in the movie “Liz and the Blue Bird,” in which oboist Mizore Yoroizuka, who also appeared in “Euphonium Ensemble Contest,” played the leading role. Some people may have seen Risa Mishima’s frightened and trembling performance as she was constantly bullied in “Terror in Resonance.”

In addition to such a lack of intonation with a negative feel, as well as Asako Natsume’s performance in “My Neighbor the Monster,” where she laments that she can’t study while eating Monjayaki, people who were thinking of Atsumi Tanezaki were surprised to find out that she was the same person. It might have been.

On the other hand, those who watched Moe Nishinozono in “Everything Becomes F” after Risa Mishima found it surprising that her negative attitude wholly changed, and her performance was filled with positive thinking. Maybe. No, some people may think that the essence of Atsumi Tanezaki is not those, but the rabbit that appears in “Hozuki no Reitetsu,” who looks adorable but harbors a grudge against the raccoon dog.

Some people may feel that the main character of “Dragon Quest: Kanojo Dai no Daibouken,” the hot and energetic boy Dai, is the actual character. In short, he has a history of playing a wide variety of characters, including Anya in “SPY x FAMILY,” Freelen in “Funeral Freelen,” and Princess Gyokuba in “Apothecary’s Monogoto.” It is expressed as three different characters. All of them are Atsumi Tanezaki.

The November issue of anime information magazine Monthly New Type (KADOKAWA) and Animage (Tokuma Shoten), which were released on October 10th, both featured interviews with Atsumi Tanezaki. He talked about his roles as Freelen in “Monthly Newtype” and Anya in “Animage.”

In “Monthly New Type,” I first thought of imagining how Freelen, who had lived for 1,000 years, felt at the time, but then I quickly changed my mind and said that I had lived for 1,000 years with pure whiteness. He has revealed that he acts while thinking about his feelings when interacting with people.

Many people felt that a significant change had occurred in the scene where Frieren, who met Himmel and absorbed various things through his adventures, shed tears when they finally parted ways. It seems that she felt the same way about Atsumi Tanezaki, who played the role, and she said, “I think the sadness that starts from there is the melancholy that flows through this work.”

The result is a work that allows you to watch Freelen’s feelings starting from that point and how she changes further after meeting Fern and Stark. Her interview with Monthly New Type shows that she is an actress skilled at grasping the essence of work and expressing it accordingly.

On the other hand, in an interview with Animage, she recalled Anya’s childhood and sympathized with Anya’s resistance to Lloyd Forger’s offer to replace her worn-out stuffed animal. As her relationship with Lloyd and Yol Folger, her fake family members, developed, her “childish selfishness began to come out.”

This comment suggests that she is capturing and expressing Anya’s feelings. With such a wide range of roles to play, you might think that they create a voice that is appropriate for each role, but whether it’s Anya, Freelen, or Dai, “Under Ninja” Even with Suzuki, it doesn’t feel like he’s just here to fit the role. It sounds like the character’s voice and tone are uttered naturally.

This is probably because he has never wavered from his approach of trying to empathize with the characters’ feelings and understand their situations before acting, as shown in interviews about Freelen and Anya.

In addition, the fact that he has a unique voice in each role may be why he continues to be used as the main character in a series of works. Mizore Yoroizuka and Freelen are similar in that they need more emotion and speak in a tone with little inflection, but even if they were swapped, it would not work. Mizore Yoroizuka’s primary desire is to continue making music for her best friend, Nozomi Kasagi, which gives her a stubborn and unwavering voice.

At first, Freelen seemed to lack control, perhaps due to the wisdom she had cultivated over her long life, as she seemed to dismiss everything as trivial. However, after her separation from Himmel and Heiter, she began to have other people like Fern and Stark close to her, and she often reacted to the reactions of others, and her voice began to bleed with emotion. It is precisely because they express and let us hear their voices that are most suitable for each of them that it becomes an irreplaceable casting.

The reliability of her acting, combined with the recognition of her work, has made Atsumi Tanezaki’s proper name stand out, and the number of works that want to use her as the main character is likely to increase in the future. However, just because Atsumi Tanezaki plays Anya, it doesn’t mean that all the female characters need to be played by Atsumi Tanezaki, and just because she plays Dai, it doesn’t mean that all the female characters can be left to Atsumi Tanezaki. She played Moe Nishinozono, a young lady, so it’s not like she was supposed to play Sayo Ryuga in Kitaro Birth Gegege no Mystery. Atsumi Tanezaki continues to be cast because she has the character, she has the necessary voice, and she can bring out the best voice, and that’s why she continues to take on roles.

Those who watched the work with interest in Atsumi Tanezaki as a proper name were also impressed by the acting that made the characters feel as if they were real. The characters created by reliable acting are a great example of the world. I’m sure you’ll start wishing for Atsumi Tanezaki’s role, as it will be a work that will leave you immersed. However, given her natural talent, I am curious about what role she will take on next.

Is this a more outrageous role for a mad scientist-like girl like Rio Futaba, who also appears in the movie “Rascal Doesn’t Dream of a School Bag Girl,” which will be released on December 1st? Is it a mascot like Pooka, who played in the movie PreCure All Stars F? He seems to be able to handle all of them well, but when it comes to the leading role, he brings out a completely different performance, and I’m sure he’ll surprise and convince you at the same time.

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