‘Shin Eva’ box office reaches 10 billion yen ‘Congratulations’ Legendary feat.

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The box office revenue of the animated movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version,” released on March 8, has finally exceeded the 10 billion yen mark. As with the result of the work, the efforts made, including promotion, have come to fruition. You might want to applaud “Congratulations” like the final episode of the TV anime. Let’s look back on the feats of all the legends.

“Likeness” betrays the fans’ expectations until the end.

The first is that it took a quarter of a century from the TV broadcast in 1995, but it was shown to the end.

Set in the 3rd New Tokyo City in 2015, when the world’s population has plummeted, a shy 14-year-old boy, Shinji Ikari, controls a robot-like humanoid weapon, “Evangelion,” to attack humanity. The story of fighting the life form “Apostle.” From the story to the production, a method that was too novel for the animation at that time was used. In episodes 25 and 26, the flow up to that point was broken, and the content like psychological depiction was developed endlessly, and a considerable debate among fans became.

The old movie version, which should have been released to settle the TV version, is content that fans at that time were stunned by. The new movie series four-part work reconstructed from there was released in 2007, and it took “14 years” to end the curtain, extending from the original schedule.

“Shin Eva” is the last of the four parts of the series, but unlike before, there are many polite explanations, and I am confused by the difference from the old movie version (laughs). Have you recovered all the mysteries? Speaking of which, it may be different, but the long “parent-child genkan” that involved the surroundings was certainly settled, and it was refreshing. In addition, there were pros and cons to the true “heroine,” but it is surprising, and it can be said that it is also “Eva-ness” that betrays the fans’ expectations until the end.

All box offices exceed the previous work.

The second is the excitement of the new movie version series. Regarding box office, “Introduction” is 2 billion yen, “Break” is 4 billion yen, and “Q” is 5.3 billion yen. All are beyond the previous work. I didn’t think it would be a “super jump” from “hop,” “step,” and “jump” to this point.

In anime movies, a “Kimetsu no Yaiba” has recently established a box office of 40 billion yen, so it is inevitably compared. Still, as a result, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is a work that incorporates a wide range of people. The difference can’t be helped. It is a work targeting a specific group (pure anime fans), and it is fantastic that it has climbed up to this point; moreover, the number of anime fans has increased, and the background is that it is socially accepted due to a large number of fans. I think there is. I feel terrible just by the change in the box office of the four-part series.

In the first place, this movie version series four-part work is, in a sense, a remake flow. Even though it is not an entirely new work, it is a big hit so far. It also seems to make it clear that there is great potential for content remakes and reboots.

Request for spoilers from the official

The third is the net, where information is leaked, and the air of the “Kanguchi Ordinance” created by fans to prevent spoilers. Consideration of many people so as not to take away the surprise of those who are not watching. The air seemed to have influenced even the media, which produced spoiler-like articles in TV dramas.

Two weeks after the release, the official Twitter account, which was numb, wrote, “Please let us know what you think in the future!” I don’t think there will be any official requests for spoilers in other works in the future.

Show the back of the work with “work style.”

Fourth, there is even a sense of unity, including not only the central part of the anime but also the NHK program “Professional Work Style Anno Hideaki SP.”

The show aired on March 22, two weeks after the anime movie was released. The hardships and thoughts during the production and the online attack directed at Mr. Anno during the TV anime version and the old movie version were revealed. The program’s viewers were informed that the emotional content of the old movie version reflected the psychological state of Mr. Anno. I think many people were shocked by this fact.

And even though I made it once with “Shin Eva,” I wasn’t convinced, and it was devilish to try again and again. The NHK monologue at the beginning of the program, “I shouldn’t have touched this guy easily,” was strange to say. By adding a different perspective, Eva’s trash will stand out.

“It’s over” and “Next …”

Looking back, it was a development of angry waves not found in other works. It was natural that what was announced would change. Of course, I put all my energy into making it, and if necessary, I remade it, so it can’t go as planned.

Well, Eva is complete, but the legend has not come to an end yet. I’m also worried about the number of Blu-ray discs that will be sold in the future.

And while there is a feeling that “it’s over” after seeing “Shin Eva,” the idea of ​​”next …” is inevitable, and it makes me feel like I’m fighting each other. I would like to see the blank 14 years of “Break” and “Q” without Shinji, but I think people have the same feelings. Is it a structured “trap” that seems like this (sweat)?

I’ve seen on the internet that if you keep chasing after a quarter of a century, Eva and your soul will “fuse,” and you can’t separate them, but I agree with you with their skillful expressions. So, I am looking forward to creating new super content that will line up with Eva and surpass it while falling in love with “sequel?”

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