Gian’s longtime dream comes true! Major debut decision as a singer!

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In the anime “Doraemon,” it is decided that Gian will make a major debut as a singer. On July 20, “Giant Dream,” “I’m Giant! A bundle of two songs from “2022” will be pre-delivered, and Gian’s full album will be released on August 24.

In the “Giant Birthday Special” broadcasted on June 11 in “Doraemon” to commemorate Gian’s birthday, the long-awaited new song “Giant Dream” released by Gian in commemoration of his birthday is It is also talked about that Kimura himself, who plays the voice of Gian, was in charge of writing the lyrics.

Doraemon is a well-known national character created by Fujiko F. Fujio. In 2020, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of serialization. Manga, anime, and movies are still popular and are loved by children and adults worldwide.
On March 4, 2022 (Friday), the 41st work in the series, “Movie Doraemon His Nobita’s Space War (Little Star Wars) 2021,” was released.
The anime “Doraemon” is broadcast on TV Asahi every Saturday from 5 o’clock.
In such an anime, “Doraemon,” Gian makes his major debut as a singer who has been a dream for many years.

Also, on July 20 (Wednesday), the same day, Gian’s beloved song “I am Gian Sama! 2022” was sung and released by Subaru Kimura.
I am speaking of Gian, this song! I want you to enjoy listening to the renewed music.

And on August 24 (Wednesday), Gian’s solo song, which is Gian’s long-cherished dream of debuting as a singer, and a compilation album “Gian’s Super Recital” that collects pieces with his friends will be released. Decided.

For Gian, who has held recitals many times, expectations are high for his first CD debut!

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