The appeal of the seamless sequel to ‘TIGER & BUNNY 2’ is heart-warming digging into ‘Buddy.’

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Many now-famous heroes and villains, such as Marvel and DC, are released or distributed each year. Under such circumstances, I think what is required is how to draw a hero from multiple angles.

Don’t forget “BUNNY.” This series, whose first period was broadcast in 2011, was later made into a movie twice, and from April 8, 2022, the first half of the second period (up to episode 13) was produced and distributed on Netflix.

This work, which did not fade even after ten years, was a work that was ahead of the others as a hero work. Award-winning, NHK in 2017 It was so popular that it monopolized the 1st and 2nd place of the anime best 100 in the viewer voting program “Nippon Anime 100” broadcast on BS Premium in the TV version and the movie version. The feature of this work is that it is close to “The Boys” mentioned earlier.

The hero belongs to a company and is also active as a talent in the entertainment industry. However, unlike “The Boys,” it is made as a work for all ages, so it is a story development that children can watch with peace of mind. Even so, the content is for adults, and the bitterness and emotional development that adults feel because they watch it is attractive.

The most notable thing is that they are sponsors of heroes who appear in actual companies, and each hero suit is engraved with the company name and product name. The appearance is like a baseball player, and the arrest drama, which can be said to be their activity, is broadcast live on a “Hero TV” as a “drama” itself. Therefore, when an incident occurs in this work, it is not the police who request the heroes to sortie. Still, mainly the director of a private company (hero TV), and the investigation of the incident itself is the role of the police (the hero does it). It is considered to be an act of over-righting).

One thing that bothers each character is the system in which a hero with supernatural powers, commonly known as “NEXT,” receives points according to their activities. Whether you want to be a famous person, an idol, a wealthy person, or a pure helper, there is also a “difference in motivation for being a hero.” Although the main character, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, known as Wild Tiger, carries out hero activities with the highest priority on helping people, he may be asked for compensation by destroying buildings more than necessary when rescuing or securing criminals, or in fact, in the program. The points gained in the game were low, and the popularity was sluggish. Barnaby Brooks Jr., who is a new hero as a partner. This story began when it was teamed up with. The first phase will focus on how they become buddies, their relationship changes, and Burnaby’s past.

Burnaby became a hero to take revenge after someone killed his parents. As his past and trauma became clear, this work, which depicts the process of gradually developing a relationship of trust with Toru, was evaluated not only as an action and hero work but also as a bromance. Of course, the past and real faces of other heroes will be dug deeper for each episode, so as the number of attacks progresses, the love for the characters will only deepen.

The theatrical version “TIGER & theatrical version” was drawn as a direct sequel from the last of the first period. After “BUNNY -The Rising-” the second phase finally restarted. The new hero from “The Rising,” Golden Ryan, is also playing an active role as a regular member, but the movie was not just a spin-off, it was a sequel to the first period, and the second period is also a movie. Reaffirm that it is a direct sequel.

Including that point, I am happy that this term has been made seamlessly from the last time, even though it is a sequel to the anime series of over ten years.

In many cases, changing the director will change the atmosphere of the work. However, in the second term, instead of something changing, in a good way, you can feel as if you were back in 2011 and watching the sequel. Masafumi Nishida, who was in charge of the series composition in the last term, also serves as the script and story director in this term. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN is in order of the opening song, “Understanding the series.

It is only because of the reunion and efforts of the staff. Therefore, the second period has become a “mass of understanding” for the first and movie versions. Until now, the theme has been how Toru and Bunny become buddies and how they truly understand each other and grow as buddies. In the second phase, after that is achieved, the theme of “buddy” develops into a problem between other heroes, not between them individually.

Blue Rose is Golden Ryan, Rock Bison is Origami Cyclone, Sky High is Fire Emblem, Dragon Kid is a new character Magical Cat, and new characters are Mr. Black, and He’s Thomas will team up. Each episode depicts the collisions, worries, and unraveling of each duo, such as “The fire emblem seems to get tired of the good people of Sky High” and “Rock Bison with unexpectedly appropriate and insensitive parts is delicate.

“Make Origami Cyclone angry” can be understood only by digging deep into each character in the first period. In addition, in the first period, the character’s words and actions are highly consistent, including the part where Dragon Kid, a solid person who took care of the baby, had a junior and was more enthusiastic than imagined.

The second term, “Buddy System,” digs deeper into the bonds between characters. This term, Toru and Burnaby will watch each hero combination as a senior buddy. Therefore, although they rarely move the story to the main, a little gesture when they are two tells their “completion” as a buddy.

It’s been three years since Burnaby debuted and became a buddy with Toru. In this term, they listened to each other’s worries, bought drinks, understood the intention of the other’s movement without saying anything, and cooperated in the early days. There is something very emotional when I reflect on the feeling of grittiness. In front of such two people, NEXT’s twins Fagan and Mugan, who will be the brutal villains of this term, stand in the way. To defeat them, not only Toru and Burnaby but also the strength of the bond between other heroes are tested, but the buddy system carefully drawn from the first episode is effective.

The bond the heroes, who were also “rivals” competing for points in the first period, gained by profoundly understanding and trusting each other. And the true strength you know in the process.

The development that these elements become the “superpower” necessary to defeat this villain is good at the script, and it must be heart-warming. If you like live-action hero works but haven’t been familiar with anime, please pick up this one at the timing of this new work.

The ease of viewing that anyone can enjoy, the skillful development of the story, and the depth of character construction are attracting attention even in the United States, which can be said to be the home of hero works, and it was announced that it would be live-action again in Hollywood on June 6.

I strongly recommend you take this opportunity to experience the charm of “TIGER & BUNNY.” * When the article first appeared, there was an error in the text. We apologize for the following corrections. (June 16, 2022, 15:10, Real Sound Editorial Department) Wrong: Mogan Correct: Mugan

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