‘Rurouni Kenshin’s new work is to be broadcast in 2023. New cast with Soma Saito as Kenshin and Rie Takahashi as Kaoru

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It was announced on the 24th that a new TV animation of the  popular manga “Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story-” (abbreviation: Ruroken original author: Nobuhiro Watsuki ) will be broadcast on Fuji TV’s Noitamina frame in 2023. was done.

At the same time, the PV, character visuals, staff, and cast information will be released, Soma Saito will play the role of Kenshin Himura, and Rie Takahashi will play the role of Kaoru Kamiya.

Regarding the new TV animation, it was announced that it would be produced at the event “Jump Festa” held in December last year. On that day, at the event “Aniplex Online Festival” held as new information, Himura Kenshin It was announced that the cast would be renewed, with Soma Saito playing the role.

The original story is reconstructed from the first episode using the latest animation technology, and talented staff such as director Hideyo Yamamoto (“Strike the Blood”) and series composition Hideyuki Kurata (“Made in Abyss”) gathered for production.

The original author, Nobuhiro Watsuki, supervised the character design and scenario for the entire story and released a new TV animation, “Rurouni Kenshin,” about 30 years after the serialization started. Serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1994 to 1999, the series is a famous work that has sold over 72 million copies.

At the end of the Edo period, the legendary swordsman and protagonist Himura Kenshin feared the “human slayer Battosai,” raised a “non-killing oath” after the Meiji Restoration, and created a sword that could not cut people. A story depicts a figure that helps people with a bato in hand. Completed in 1999, the sequel “Hokkaido Edition” started serialization in “Jump Square” in 2017.

The first TV animation was made in 1996, the movie version was released in 1997, three OVAs have been released since 1999, and it was made into a live-action movie starring actor Takeru Sato. Continuing. Comment from the original author, Nobuhiro Watsuki “Rurouni Kenshin” -Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story-” has been re-animated.

There is also the fact that it is a new work after a quarter of a century, and this work will be produced by a reliable new staff and a talented new cast selected by a severe selection without any prejudice.

The other day, I participated in the first post-recording session, and the Akamaru Hanamaru stamped it with no complaints. The artistry was so good that I thought, “This is one thing. Rurouni Kenshin has been portrayed in various forms, such as manga, anime, OVA, games, novels, and live-action movies. Still, I believe that all of them are undeniably real in the Multiverse.

This new anime will be added to the real thing, and I think it will be a work that can be enjoyed by those who have loved Rurouni Kenshin for a long time and those who are interested in it at this moment, so please take a look. Comment from Soma Saito, who plays Kenshin Himura It’s a dream come true to voice Kenshin himself in “Rurouni Kenshin,” which I’ve been familiar with since I was a child. At the same time, I feel the weight of responsibility to be involved in a work that so many people have loved for a long time. Therefore, I will put my sincerity into every word and do my best.

The other day, the dubbing of the first episode was finally done. First, I want to create an image of Kenshin with everyone on the team. Thank you for your kind support! Comment from Rie Takahashi as Kaoru Kamiya. I was shocked. It was an audition that I thought about and challenged with all my might, but I was so surprised that I didn’t understand the meaning of the word “passed.” The other day, there was a recording of the PV, etc., and I’m gradually getting a sense of it, but if you say it was a surprise, I think you’ll believe it.

A work that has been loved by many people and delivered in many ways. Coincidentally, I am the same age as the serialization year, and I came across this work during the long media development. What you still met from the person who said that it was the opportunity to change your life? I hope you can enjoy it even if you don’t have it. I will take my time and carefully face Kaoru-chan.

Thank you very much for your generous support. Staff Director: Hideyo Yamamoto Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata Character Design: Terumi Nishii Music: Yu Takami Production: Leiden Films

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