Gorgeous cast creators gather! “Netflix Festival Japan 2021” “Live Action Day”

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Netflix, the world’s largest online entertainment service, will hold “Netflix Festival Japan 2021” for two days, from November 9 (Tuesday) to November 10 (Wednesday).

The second day, today, November 10 (Wednesday), is “Live Action Day.” It was a day when the cast creators of Japanese movies and series and live-action films from overseas gathered together to introduce a wide variety of lineups and talk about each work enthusiastically. Currently, overlooked delivery is also being carried out.

Overseas work session
The event’s opening was “ONE PIECE,” where the long-awaited main cast was announced on the morning of the day. Monkey D. Luffy will be Inaki Godoi, Roronoa Zoro will be Mackenyu Nitta, Nami will be Emily Rudd, Usopp will be Jacob Romero Gibson, and Sanji will be Taz Skyler. This news has entered the world trend on Twitter as it was screened and made into a live-action film that can be the “big project of the century” of Japan’s most popular comic.

Next, a special video featuring Dwayne and Rawson Marshall Thurber will be screened from the action blockbuster movie “Red Notice” presented by the super-luxury cast of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Following Dwayne’s confident storyline about the betrayal of the story, the server director is the element of the first in the timeless Indiana Jones series, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I confess that I put it in. In addition, the secret story of “Rock-sama” -like shooting, in which Dwayne challenged the scene of jumping on a helicopter in a big explosion without stunts and overwhelmed the surroundings, also popped out.

In addition, commentary videos for Japanese fans by performers of famous overseas works will also be screened. Song Kang, who starred in “Netflix Korean Drama” and “Even if I Know,” gave a greeting in Japanese. Asa Butterfield, who starred in the popular drama “Sex Education,” enthusiastically reveals the surprising fact that she is addicted to the Japanese anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Lily Collins, who starred in the drama “Emily in Paris,” which focuses on the cuteness and beauty of fashion, said with a smile the message of this work, “I love any job.” Halle Berry, the first director and starring in “Blues ~ Even if beaten up ~,” shows confidence in this work, which depicts the moving figure of the hero who is trying to balance his mother and fighter. Matthias Schweighhofer, who starred in “Army of Thieves,” emphasized the appeal of this work, which challenges “impregnable safe-breaking” with humor everywhere. The video was full of “Japanese love” by the gorgeous cast members.

“Asakusa Kid” Talk Session
The stage of the Japanese work starts with “Asakusa Kid,” which depicts the legendary master Fukami and the young Beat Takeshi. Yo Oizumi, Yuya Yagira, and Gekidan Hitori were on stage to talk about their passion for making the film. Oizumi talked about his ingenuity in playing the master, Senzaburo Fukami, who raised Kinichi Hagimoto and Hachiro Azuma. Yagira also revealed the difficulty of playing a known “Kitano of the World.” In addition, he talked about various meanings such as shyness, familiarity, and scolding contained in “Bakayaro!”, Which are Fukami’s mouthful and impressive lines. Finally, this work is not a story of a particular person. The stage ended, telling the story of laughter and tears to everyone who works hard for their dreams and goals.

“Goldfish wife” talk session
In addition to directors Ryoko Shinohara, Kyoko Hasegawa, and Michiko Namiki, Kamiko Inuyama will be a moderator on “Goldfish Wife,” starring Ryoko Shinohara and depicting forbidden love. Shinohara, who played Sakura Hiraga, the main character suffering from domestic violence from her husband, explained that her role changed enormously when she met Haruto, who plays Takanori Iwata, triggered by her “goldfish.” Regarding Yuriha Hakozaki, which Hasegawa also played, she is confident and free-spirited. Still, she has a complex appearance, so she is disrespected by her husband and is a sad person. Told. Regarding the charm of the original, the director commented, “I drew the emotions of the six wives with various secrets and feelings in a delicate and bold development.” In the end, the three people said in their respective words, “All the cast members play the bold depiction that was indispensable in the story, which was a topic in the original story, and it is a love story unique to Netflix.” Is finished.

Announcement of a new project with director Koreeda
And as a new project in the future, “Shoplifters” won the Palme d’Or at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival and announced the production of movies and series with director Hirokazu Koreeda who is active not only in Japan but also in the world. .. An interview video of director Koreeda has been released. The director said, “I think it will be a different scale from the movies I’ve done in the framework so far, and in that sense, the drama will be something that could not be realized without partnering with Netflix. “I have high expectations for the first tag with Netflix.”

“My lover like cherry blossoms” talk session.
Kento Nakajima, Honoka Matsumoto, and Yoshihiro Fukagawa will be on stage at “My Lover Like Cherry Blossoms,” which is a visualization of the blockbuster romance novel starring Kento Nakajima. Nakajima talked about the joy of encountering the original novel and being impressed by the offer to appear. Matsumoto also commented on the story and the charm of the character. Then, when the precious making video during the shooting was screened, Nakajima and Matsumoto showed the episode at the shooting time. In addition, he talked about the scenes that left an impression on each and finally gave a message to the fans in each language to conclude the stage.

Takumi Saitoh, Juri Ueno, director Yuko Dakota, and Kamiko Inuyama as moderators will be on stage at the social comedy “Kentaro Hiyama’s Pregnancy,” which depicts the world where work-first office workers get pregnant. When asked about her role-making, Saito talked about what she used as a reference and her feelings about her pregnancy and childbirth. Ueno, who is also a partner of Hiyama and played Aki, who also prioritizes work, talked about her acting that gradually changes while thinking about Hiyama’s pregnancy at first. Director Hakoda then described his thoughts on the film, including the difficulty of balancing comedy and seriousness and the message he wanted to cherish in the original film. In addition, Hiyama, who thought that his life was exemplary, talked about the events that became the turning point of his life. It was a story that changed through encounters and experiences due to unexpected pregnancy, and the stage ended.

“We couldn’t all grow up” talk session.
Mirai Moriyama, Sairi Ito, and Yoshihiro Mori will be on stage at the movie adaptation of the best-selling novel, “We Couldn’t Become Adults,” which was released in theaters and distributed worldwide on November 5. Moriyama and Ito commented on the work’s appeal, saying that younger and older generations can sympathize with themselves and have unique emo. The director talked about the stiffness during shooting to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Finally, the stage ended with a story to the fans, telling the pure appearance of the two people who live devotedly every day, and the love story that is inevitable for adult crying that can sympathize with the times.

“Newspaper reporter” talk session.
Directors Ryoko Yonekura, Go Ayano, and Michihito Fujii will be on stage for the Netflix series “The Journalist,” which will start the movie “The Journalist,” which won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Picture, as a new story of all six episodes. Yonekura says she had a challenging work and role she had never tried before, but she visited a newspaper and spoke directly to a reporter to create her role. Ayano, who plays the role of Murakami, a bureaucrat who plays Yonekura, has decided to appear in “Yakuza and Family” if it is a director Fujii’s work that has a trusting relationship like a family. Regarding the big difference from the movie version, Director Fujii points out the perspective of Ichii people, which was not in the movie version—explaining that by looking through the eyes of a college student looking for a job while delivering a newspaper played by Ryusei Yokohama, it became a story that allows you to grasp the case that you thought was “irrelevant” as yourself. Also, for Yonekura, who she formed for the first time, she is tenacious and praised as an actress who will do what the director wants until she can shoot. She concludes her introduction with a compliment to Ayano, who has been physically modified in a short time for a mentally chased role as a stoic movie athlete.

“Netflix Festival Japan 2021 Live-Action Day”, a gathering of talented casts and creators from Japan and abroad related to Netflix, is a unique event realized only by Netflix, such as talk sessions and screening of the latest video, attracting a big excitement at each stage. The one-day event ended.

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