Gundam’s ‘Good People I Didn’t Want to Die’ 3 Selections A shock in a sense from the death of the main class …!?

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Did you know that today, July 8th, is called “Gundam Day” after the model number of the first Gundam, “RX-78-2”? The popularity of the Gundam series, which originated from the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” that began airing in 1979, has not declined even now, and the movie “Mobile Suit Gundam Kukurus Doan no Shima,” which is currently being released, has been released since October. There are a lot of notable works, such as the latest work, “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury,” which will start airing, and “Flash of Hathaway,” which is waiting for the sequel to the movie.

The appeal of the “Gundam” series is, after all, the work’s reality against the war’s backdrop. Regardless of the main character that appeared from the beginning or the nameless soldier, “When you die, you die.” Because of such a severe worldview, there is always a sense of tension in work.

However, every Gundam fan should have once felt that “I didn’t want this character to die.” So this time, I picked up a supporting role that I didn’t want to die personally. I want to introduce three people who have seen sad scatters while wishing to be happy.

  • The following includes some contents of the animations “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” “Mobile Suit V Gundam,” and “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY.” It is not the primary purpose of this article to explain the story, but please be careful if you have not seen the work yet or are worried about unintended spoilers.

Synonymous with strong women! “Emma Sheen” who led Camille
Lieutenant Emma Sheen, who appeared in “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” is an indispensable figure in talking about the film. During the film, he couldn’t stand the sneakyness of the Titans he belonged to and joined Eugo. Although he was a so-called “turned over” Emma, ​​he gained the trust of those around him with his severe and honest personality and ability to act. She was like an older sister who sometimes guided me harshly and sometimes kindly, especially to Camille Bidan and Fa Yuiry.

At the end of the story, Emma collides with Pallas Athens, where her former companion Reccoa Londe rides. She almost trades off, and she wins against Reccoa. However, Emma, ​​who wanted to know the true meaning of the words she left behind at the end, left the cockpit of the Gundam Mk-II and headed for the wrecked Reccoa plane.

Then Yazan Gable’s attack hit Pallas Athens on which Reccoa was riding. Emma is struck by the debris of the explosion and is fatally injured. Camille then rescued her, but it was already too late.

She encourages Camille to fight her “suck my life and win” until Emma is about to run out of her life. She was the unwavering woman who led Camille to the last moment.

The tragedy grabbed happiness. Usso’s big brother “Odelo Henrik.”
Odelo Henrik, who appears in “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam,” is also a good person who wants to say, “Why did you die?”

Odero himself is an orphan from the war, is well cared for, and is a leader of children. He thought of the main character, Usso Ewin, as his younger brother and had a strong presence from beginning to end. Later in the story, he became a League Militaire mobile suit pilot and was active in combat.

Such Odero fell in love with Elisha Kransky at first sight, and after repeated attacks, he had an incredible feeling for both. It seemed that he had a handful of happiness in the cruel worldview of “V Gundam.”

And in the final battle, he engaged with Katejina Loos’s Gotratan to help Usso. However, due to the influence of Angel Hairou, he showed a gap and was killed in action by receiving Beam Tonfa.

Odelo survived to the final stage in “V Gundam,” which was a series of dead people who died at the last minute. He was one of the best “good guys” in the film, so I couldn’t help but want him to live and be happy with Usso.

Odero is the only one that appears in all episodes except Usso, the main character. There is a lot of emotional empathy for that, and I think many people want to survive.

If you are alive, you will have a different ending !? Good senior “Heine Westenflus”

Heine Westenflus appeared from “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY” and became a crew member of the amphibious assault ship “Minerva.” Unusual in the same work, where the squeaky relationships are conspicuous, he was a friendly and likable man, and he was in close contact with his junior Shinn Asuka.

He also showed the attentiveness of having a relationship between Shin and Aslan; if he were alive, he might not have passed each other or run away.

Heine engages Gaia Gundam in a battle in the Dardanels Strait. Freedom Gundam, who broke in during that time, was furious to attack regardless of the enemy or ally, and even though he attacked, he returned. The gap is pierced, and the beam blade of Gaia Gundam is split into two, which is a miserable end.

Because of his presence, he left when the air inside Minerva was getting better. He also felt that he wanted to see more of the entanglement with Shin and Aslan and wanted him to guide him. If he were alive, the ending of “SEED DESTINY” would have changed a lot … Many viewers would have thought so.

This time, we narrowed it down to three people who cried and cried, but there are many attractive characters in the “Gundam” series, which makes it sad to be scattered. The death of Neil Dylandy in “Gundam 00” was also a shock, and I wanted him to live in the undefeated East of “G Gundam” and watch Domon’s growth.

However, it is also a work called Gundam. Even characters that are carefully depicted like them die quickly. The death of a person is inevitable because it is drawn against the background of war, but am I the only one who wants to see the “if the world” that “if they are alive …”?

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