The app will release the manga ‘Prince of Tennis’ and ‘New Prince of Tennis for free. ‘U-17 WORLD CUP’ broadcast commemoration

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The popular manga “The Prince of Tennis” and “The New Prince of Tennis” by Takeshi Konomi have been released for free on Shueisha’s official manga app “Ze Black” from July 6th.

It is being held in commemoration of the broadcast of the TV animation “New Prince of Tennis U-17 WORLD CUP”, and episodes 1 to 129 of “New Prince of Tennis” (13 volumes of the book) will be held until August 16th. All 379 episodes of “The Prince of Tennis” will be released in sequence according to the following schedule.

July 6-19, “City Tournament” episodes 1-114 (1-13 volumes of books)
July 20-August 2 “Kanto Tournament” episodes 115-237 (14-27 volumes)
August 3-16, “National Tournament” episodes 238-379 (28-42 volumes)

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