Gunpla ‘MGSD Freedom Gundam’ Review

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This time, we will review the MGSD Freedom Gundam, a newly designed Gunpla in the MG (Master Grade) format from  the SD (Super Deformed) Gundam series. In ” Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, “the mobile suit “Freedom Gundam” piloted by the main character ” Kira Yamato ” in the latter half of the play is turned into a gunpla.

As the name suggests, the SD Gundam series is a super-deformed representation of the mobile suits and characters in the Gundam series. The Gundam characters, designed as adorable as they look, have grown into a top-rated series that parodies the original work and creates original animations and games.

Of course, these have been made into gunpla, starting with the “SD Gundam BB Senshi” series (1987-), and are still being released with specifications that match the times. Freedom Gundam first appeared in the “BB Senshi” series in 2003, and recently, the “SD Gundam EX Standard [Gundam Base Limited] ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Ver. GCP” has appeared.

The SD Gundam Gunpla series has a long history, but at the event “GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE,” the “MGSD Freedom Gundam” was suddenly announced. The announcement that the SD Freedom Gundam will be made into an MG (master grade) quality kit surprised fans.

The sample displayed at the event venue gives a glimpse of the precise design of the MG series and is even more fantastic than you might imagine! That kind of impression made me hopeful. And the release date of the kit is January 2023, which is surprisingly early, so it was sold out in no time after the reservation started.

I want to borrow a sample under development and deliver an assembly review this time. The parts lined up in the runner that arrived are certainly a balance of size that makes you imagine SD, but it makes you feel exactly like the MG series. Will it be reminiscent of the MG series even when assembled? I was looking forward to this kit, so let’s build it right away! Gunpla “MGSD Freedom Gundam” Review Table of Contents ▼SD Freedom Gundam kit with MG series quality! ▼It’s an SD, but it’s an MG! You may get confused while building it!? ▼Past SD GunplaFreedom descends with surpassing movable performance! Please note that this article is based on a product under development, so there may be some differences from the actual product.

Check out the contents of the “MGSD Freedom Gundam” kit! Let’s check the contents of the equipment. Unfortunately, there was no box because it is a test shot. There are 15 runners from A to I, beam sabers, marking stickers, and assembly instructions. Reproduce the detailed coloring due to the MG format by dividing it into parts! This works well.

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