Hikaru Utada ‘I’m addicted to ‘I entered the devil! Iruma-kun’ Author ‘Hogya’ The latest 29 volumes are also bestsellers.

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On October 18, Tohan’s weekly bestseller was announced, and “SPY x FAMILY 10” won first place in comics. The second place is “My Hero Academia 36”. The third place went to “Chainsaw Man 12 “.

Mr Osamu Nishi, the author who reacted to Hikaru Utada’s tweet with “Hogya”, ranked 4th and below, and the attention was ranked 5th, “I entered the devil! Iruma-Kun Volume 29”. A school fantasy comedy serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion “. A good-natured boy who was sold to the devil enrols in a demon school and depicts how he overcomes various troubles with courage.

The serialization started in 2017, the TV anime version has been broadcast on NHK E Tele since 2019, and the 3rd series began in October. On October 20, singer Utada Hikaru posted on Twitter, “With his son, I’m hooked on ‘Iruma-kun! Iruma-kun’.” The author, Osamu Nishi, responded with “Hogya. Thank you!!!” It became a big topic. After that, Mr Nishi tweeted the reason for the mysterious words in the previous tweet, “I’m so surprised that I’m going to be a baby”.

  1. “SPY x FAMILY 10” Tatsuya Endo Author When I was young, I lived peacefully with my parents. Soldiers play with his friends, trivial clashes with his father, and such daily life continues as a matter of course.
  2. “My Hero Academia 36” Kohei Horikoshi Author I came here with dissatisfaction with society while living with a strange “individuality”. I may not have the power or the cause compared to the others, but I still… this place… Let’s do it, dead tree! Presently, everything will be destroyed for us!! (From the Shueisha website)
  3. “Chainsaw Man 12” Tatsuki Fujimoto Asa Mitaka is a girl who can’t get used to high school life and is isolated even in a group. Her daily life changes drastically when she meets a certain “devil”!! The second part of the shocking youth bursting open!! (From the Shueisha website)
  4. “Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition (13)” CLAMP
  5. “I entered the devil! Iruma-kun Volume 29” Osamu Nishi (Akita Shoten)
  6. “Shikimori-san (15), who is not just cute” Keigo Maki
  7. “I don’t want to love you” For some reason, the next duke will dote on you Volume 3 “Natsu Mizuno [Manga] Kei Misawa [Original] (Flex Comics)
  8. “WINDBREAKER (9)” Nisatoru
  9. “Summer when the light died 2” Mokumoku Ren
  10. “A story that there was no woman when I went to a joint party 4” Nana Aokawa (Square Enix)

‘Comics Ranking October 18 Tohan Research’ Book Bang editorial department published on October 22, 2022

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