‘Inuou’ Rock x The charm of the ‘Heike’ was drawn in the Muromachi period.

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The story of the Heike family, which is being drawn in quick succession, is a hot topic, including the currently airing taiga drama “The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden” (NHK General and others), the TV anime “Heike Story” (Fuji TV and others), which reached its final episode in March. Is calling. And on May 28th, a new movie, “Inu-Oh”, will be released, which depicts the story of the Heike clan. He sings an unknown account that was not revealed in both works and approaches the charm of “Heike” through the friendship of two boys running up the stardom of the times.

At the end of the Heian period, the Heike family reached a spectacular end in Dan-no-ura after building prosperity with its tremendous power and control. Still, in the end, it was chased from its position. It has a dramatic history in Japanese history, and the story of the rise and fall of prosperity and unrelenting behaviour has many fans.

“The Heike Story” depicts people whose name “Heike” has swayed from a single girl’s perspective.

“The Tale of the Heike” is set in the late Heian period, when Taira no Kiyomori was trying to reach the peak of prosperity in all aspects of power, armed force, and financial power. A TV animation that depicts the story of the unchanging line from the perspective of Biwa, a girl of the Biwa Hoshi who can see into the future.

Born as a daughter of the Heike, he grows up without any inconvenience, but instead, Taira no Tokuko, who is treated as a tool of politics and follows a turbulent life, Taira no Shigemori, a wise man who is worried about the future of the Heike, and Shigemori who chooses each path. Sons. Loquat, who knows the fate of Heike’s destruction, will see the life of Heike’s human beings, who have not been told much in history.

The classic “The Tale of the Heike” was replaced by “K-ON! This work was reconstructed by director Naoko Yamada of “A Silent Voice” and Reiko Yoshida of “Violet Evergarden”. As the story progresses, the characters that appear because they know that they will perish will be loved, and it is a moving movement that uniquely depicts the inside of the Heike people.

The human drama of ambitious warlords “13 Lords of the Kamakuraden.”

In the taiga drama “The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden,” which is currently being broadcast, the Heike family led by Taira no Kiyomori (Ken Matsudaira) has overwhelming charisma in the late Heian period, is gradually cornered by hostile warlords such as Minamoto no Yoritomo. The figure falling from that position is drawn.

In working with the main character of the enemy, the Genji Hojo family, Kiyomori turned over the world of aristocrats while being arrogant. In the scene depicted as a hero who laid the foundation in the world of samurai, “Taira no Kiyomori is a rare generation. I’m glad to be treated as a hero. I have respect.” “Kiyomori is a hero.”

With Hojo Yoshitoki (Shun Oguri), who later became the authority of the Kamakura Shogunate, as the main character, a human being with humour like the comedy king Koki Mitani, a power game that unfolds in the process of the fierce battle of Genpei and the birth of the Kamakura Shogunate. Draw as a drama.

“Inuou” reveals another story of the Heike clan.

The stage of this work is 200 years after the Genpei War depicted in “The Tale of the Heike”. The Kamakura Shogunate expressed in “The 13 Lords of the Kamakura Hall” and the Hojo clan who took the hegemony after that were destroyed. The Biwa Hoshi tells the story as a legend of the past in the Muromachi period.

Tomona, a boy who once lived in Dannoura, where the remains of the Heike who lost the war still sleep in the sea, finds one of the three sacred treasures, “Kusanagi no Tsurugi”, that he accidentally found in the sea. However, the sword’s curse causes the eyesight of both eyes to be lost. Blind friend fish heading to the capital alone, becomes a disciple of Biwa Hoshi, who he met on the way, and he will tell the story of Heike as Biwa Hoshi.

Such a friend fish happened to meet, the child of the Sarugaku Noh sect “Hiei-za”, Inuou. He grew up estranged with a gourd mask because of his unusual shape. Still, he learned Noh by imitating adversity and is different from other people by taking advantage of his unique body and natural talent. Start dancing …

The two resonated with Biwa in dance before words and hit it off. A story that has been forgotten in history, which is not revealed by the stories of the Biwa Hoshi at that time, will be shown with an unconventional show and will run up the stardom of the times at once.

The one who took the megaphone was Masaaki Yuasa, an anime genius. The script is Akiko Nogi, a scriptwriter who has drawn famous buddies in “The Voice of Sin” and “MIU404”, including “Unnatural”. Taiyo Matsumoto, who also teamed up with director Yuasa in “Ping Pong THE ANIMATION” for the character draft and worked on the original novel’s cover. The history is supervised by Yoshihiko Sata, who oversees the manners and customs of “The 13 Lords of the Kamakura” and “The Heike Story”.

This work depicts a success story and friendship in which two boys out of the way run-up to the top of the era. While combining the dramatic bonds of the samurai depicted in “The 13 Lords of the Kamakura” and the sadness of the various acts of “The Tale of the Heike”, it is “known” that is told in the new world view of the Muromachi period x rock musical. Attention is focused on “another story of Zaru”.

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