The No. 1 ranking of Chogokin Soul for robot anime works from the ’70s to ’90s has been decided!

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From June 14th to June 27th, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “What is your favorite Chogokin soul in the robot anime works of the ’70s and ’90s?”

The voting target is a total of 31 that entered the TOP 10 in the popularity polls “70’s”, “80’s” and “90’s” for each broadcast age of the works conducted by the Netorabo Survey Team. It is the superalloy soul of the body. In this survey, we received a total of 837 votes. Thank you for all your votes! Let’s see the result. (Survey period: June 14-June 27, 2021, valid responses: 637 votes, question: 70-90s robot anime work, what is your favorite Chogokin soul?)

  1. GX-03 Chodenji Robocon Butler V

The second place was “GX-03 Chodenji Robocon Butler V,” with 87 votes. The Soul of Chogokin was sold in 1999. The biggest attraction is that the five battle machines are transformed and united, and there are plenty of options such as weapons and inset parts. There were comments such as “I love Combatler V and buy it when goods come out, such a life” and “One vote for Con V.”

  1. GX-01 Mazinger Z

The first place was “GX-01 Mazinger Z,” with 92 votes. This is the memorable first installment of the Chogokin Soul series released in 1997. In addition to the proportions just like the original, Mazinger Z’s synonymous special move “Rocket Punch” can be delivered. By faithfully reproducing Mazinger Z in the play, we have paved the way for high-end toys for adults. In the comments, there were opinions such as “After all,” Chogokin “is Mazinger Z!” And “Chogokin is Mazinger Z!”

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