Atsushi Okubo ‘Fire Force’ animation 3rd production decision!

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It has been decided to produce ” Fire Force Sannosho,” the third season of the TV anime “Fire Force” based on Atsushi Okubo.

The serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) has been completed, and the final volume, 34 volumes, was released today on May 17, “Fire Force.” As for the TV animation, “Fire Force 2nd Chapter” was broadcast in 2019, and “Fire Force 2nd Chapter” was published in 2020.

In addition to the decision to produce “Fire Force Sannosho,” it is also clear that a new game for smartphones, “Fire Force Fire Force Sannosho,” will be made, and an online exhibition will be held to commemorate the completion. In the game, Mrs. GREEN APPLE, who worked on the opening theme song for the first cool of the TV anime, will write a new theme song, “Endless.”

In addition, in commemoration of the lifting of the ban on the latest information and the release of the final volume of the original, a 15-stage advertisement was launched in the Yomiuri Shimbun released today. Furthermore, from May 23, advertisements will be posted on Shinjuku Wall 456, digital signage on the East-West Free Passage in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo.

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