How do you see the final production of ‘I want to eat your pancreas,’ which is more faithful to the original than the live-action version?

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Friday (pm after 9) roadshow of 23 days, due Sumino “I want to eat your pancreas” best-selling animated movie was “Kimisui” that is also the debut of Mr. (2018). It will be broadcast under the condition of “behind the scenes” of the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Still, it is a work that anyone who wants to enjoy the short and beautiful youth story should watch. One day, one of the main characters, “I,” picks up a book that says “Kyodo Bunko” in the hospital’s waiting room.

The owner is Sakura, a popular person in the same class. After reading the inside, “I” finds out that Sakura has a pancreatic disease and has no life expectancy.

The story is that “I” lived quietly in the class so that it wouldn’t stand out, but by sharing a secret with Sakura, his life would change little by little. Before the same work, it was made into a live-action movie in 2017. When I first saw the live-action version, I was shocked by Minami Hamabe, who played the role of heroine Sakura Yamauchi, and I remember saying to the people around me, “This child can be Masami Nagasawa !” (Laughs). She co-starred in the same work while she was in the foreground, Takumi Kitamura.

Also won the Hochi Film Award for Newcomers. Since then, he has been the main character in dramas and movies. The comedienne is also attracting attention, and I am proud that my view was correct. By the way, one of the main characters, “I,” is drawn in the form of looking back on the past as an adult, and the anime version is more faithful to the original than the live-action version that appears 12 years later. You can enjoy it while thinking about the world of the novel, and Yuma Takahashi, the producer of the same work, said, “When making an animation, I face the story seriously and feel the feeling after reading the novel even after watching the animation. I made it intending to create a video that you can enjoy. ” I think there are pros and cons about how to draw the final stage.

When I first saw it, I sometimes felt “Hmm?”, But I reconsidered it as a product that could only be done because it was an anime and thought, “I see.” Not limited to this work.

The “charm” of an anime work is that you can freely draw shots and productions from angles that cannot be taken in live-action. So, this scene was created as a video that the production team, including the director, imagined from the original text. It is also up to the person who sees it to feel it.

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