How many episodes can you watch if you watch the animation for ‘4 days, sleeplessness’ such as ‘Gintama,’ ‘Conan,’ ‘Teekyu’ !?

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2021 is also in the middle of summer! And finally, the Bon holiday has arrived. It’s a time when I’m looking forward to each event, but it’s challenging to go out due to the influence of the new Corona. In such a situation, let’s watch a lot of anime at home this summer! I think many people think that.

“Then, what can I talk about if I watch the animation for four days (96 hours) during the Obon holidays without sleep?” maybe. In reality, it will damage your body, so I can never recommend it! But I’m a little worried. That’s why this time anime! Animation! Then, how many episodes can you watch the anime during the four days of the Obon holidays? I calculated the number of stories that can be viewed.

Calculation method If you watch the animation non-stop for four days during the Obon holiday period from August 13th to 16th … 96 hours in 4 days / per episode of spirit, about 24 minutes 30 seconds / OP Subtracting 3 minutes of ED, the main story becomes about 21 minutes /. You can roughly calculate and watch about 274 episodes. Then, in fact, in works such as “Detective Conan,” “Gintama,” “Pretty Cure” series, “Kimetsu no Yaiba, “and “Teekyu, “we will introduce “How far can you see the story?” Masu ♪ “Detective Conan” One of the masterpieces of longevity animation! Perfect for long vacations! “Detective Conan” is Gosho Aoyama, which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday.”

The same name comic by. Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective whose body has been made smaller by a mysterious organization, is a mystery work that solves many complex cases while chasing the whereabouts of the mysterious organization as an elementary school detective Conan Edogawa. “Detective Conan” can be viewed from episodes 1 to 274, “The Truth About the Haunted House (Part 1)”! Episode 274, “The Truth About the Haunted House (Part 1),” is an episode from Season 7 that aired in 2002. (Recorded DVD: PART10 Vol. 6). When Ran catches a cold and goes to the hospital, he meets an older man who has a ghost in his apartment. Then, the old man who calls himself Hoichi the Earless invites him to his apartment, asking, “Would you like to see the ghost?” Conan and Kogoro, who are interested in ghost stories, decide to follow the older man’s apartment with Ran, who dislikes it. What is the true identity of the ghost?

“Gintama” The animation and the original have been completed, so why not take this opportunity to review it slowly? The original “Gintama” is a comic of the same name by Hideaki Sorachi serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump.” The final chapter of the 15-year anime series, the movie version “Gintama THE FINAL,” was released in January 2021. Set in Edo at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, which has been invaded by aliens, the slapstick and unique characters weave around the members of “All Things Shop,” such as Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura, and Kagura. Sometimes serious comedy is drawn.

“Gintama” is from episodes 1 to 274, “The big guy in the nostrils has big creativity,” “The new squadron thing seems to be like this at first, but the final episode will separate it. You can watch until “I don’t want to”! Episode 274: “The big guy in the nostrils has big creativity,” “The new squadron thing seems to be like this at first, but by the time of the final episode, I do not want to leave,” 2015 An episode from “Gintama” (3rd term) broadcast on.

There are two episodes, and one is a story about Gin and his friends thinking about a catchphrase for a promotional poster to promote everything. The other is an episode of making a “local character” to improve the image of Kabuki Town at the suggestion of Mr. Ota.

“Pretty Cure” Which generation are you? Let’s see series other than real-time! The “Pretty Cure” series is a longevity series that depicts girls transforming and fighting, starting from “Futari wa Pretty Cure” broadcast in 2004. In the first work, an ordinary junior high school student, Nagisa Misumi, and Honoka Yukishiro become a “legendary warrior” Pretty Cure and confront the evil force, Dotsk Zone, trying to dye the world in the dark. Since then, new works have been made every year.

The “Pretty Cure” series is from the first episode of the first “Futari wa Pretty Cure” to the sixth “Fresh Pretty Cure!” Thirty-two episodes (274 episodes in total) “Goodbye! You can even watch “Tart and Chiffon !!” Episode 32 “Goodbye! Tart and Chiffon !! “Fresh Pretty Cure!” Was broadcast in 2009—recorded episode (series total: 274th episode). Tart and Chiffon came to this world searching for the “legendary warrior” Pretty Cure, but since their roles have ended, they will return to their hometown. However, the lovers are lonely to say goodbye, and they will follow along to the fairyland, the Kingdom of Sweets. The activities of Precure and others that occur in that country are depicted. The second term of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” will begin! Now, if you want to review! The original of “Kimetsu no Yai

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