Kou Shibasaki & Arata Iura in the theatrical anime ‘Child of Kamari Month’! Release date, this trailer, this visual also announced

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The release date of the original theater animation ” Child of Kamari Month ” has been decided on October 8. Kou Shibasaki and Arata Iura are participating as voice actors. At the same time, this visual and this trailer were also shown.

In this work, October “Kannazuki” in various parts of Japan is called “Kannazuki” in Shimane and Izumo, and eight million gods gather there to connect the following year’s ties. A story depicts various forms of “marriage,” such as people and gods, through the tradition of performing “Kamihakari.” Kanna, a girl who lost her mother and can no longer face her favorite “running,” is invited by the priest Rabbit Shiro and the demon boy Yasha to travel to Izumo, which straddles the boundary between people and gods. The voice of the hero Canna Makita Saitama is Sakamoto Maaya, Irino freedom, Akira Kamiya, Tomoyo Niitsu, Rico Nagase, Wataru Takagi has also participated.

Shibasaki breathes life into Kanna’s deceased mother, Yayoi Hayama. He taught the joy of “running” by running in the fields with his childhood Kanna and was always bright and like the sun of his family. Laura participates as a gentle father, Norimasa Hayama, who supports Kanna with one man. Shibasaki and Iura have commented on this announcement.

Shibasaki “I’m playing the role of Yayoi, the mother of the main character Kanna. I think Kanna grew up looking at Yayoi’s back, who likes to run, is cheerful, honest, and straight. It is a work with the power to remind me that I may unknowingly know the “important things” that I can not do. It has become a universal work even in the turbulent world these days. I believe that, please take a look at such ” Children of the Moon in God ” that both adults and children can look forward to. “

Laura: I think Kanna’s father, Norimasa, who I played, is clumsy. After losing his wife and Kanna’s mother, Yayoi, Norimasa feels Kanna first but can’t face her daughter well. was played, I think the father representative of the world. I am very interested in Izumo of mythology. mythology Canna journey that is based on increases the chest in Izumo of the landscape. ” Kamari month of children Is a family story as well as a journey through the myth of Izumo to explore the origins of Japan. Would you please take a look at the theater? “

The notice starts from the scene where the demon boy Yasha appears in front of Kanna. Rabbit Shiro, a priest, also appears, and Kanna travels to Izumo to pursue her mother. On the way. Kanna, who was about to be frustrated by various trials, said to Yaksha, “What about you when you were running with Yayoi? Can you say that you were lying to your feelings at that time!” I hate it at this rate! I want to believe in my liking!”

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