What is the daddy image seen from Hiroshi Nohara (Crayon Shin-chan) and Lloyd (SPY x FAMILY), who ranked in for the first time?

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It was Father’s Day on June 19th. Benesse Corporation’s “Tamago Club” and “Chick Club” conducted a “Survey on Dad.” Taiyo Sugiura ranked first in the favorite dad ranking “Celebrity / Celebrity Category” selected by 7,626 mothers and dads of the child-rearing generation. And in the “Anime / Manga category,” Hiroshi Nohara (Crayon Shin-chan) won 2653 votes and shined at the top. This time, I paid attention to the “Anime / Manga Division,” where unique characters were lined up.

1st place: “I value my wife and my children” “Actually high specs,” Hiroshi Nohara!

Tamahiyo’s “favorite dad ranking” was chosen by the child-rearing generation. In the “Anime / Manga Category,” Hiroshi Nohara, Shinnosuke’s dad from “Crayon Shin-chan,” was selected for the first place.
Looking at the reasons for choosing by gender, from her wife

“I cherish not only Shinnosuke but also Misae” (Tokyo, female)

“I’m impressed with the line from the movie,” There’s Nothing Wrong with the world without Shinnosuke. ” Yamagata Prefecture, female)

Many people said, “I am full of family love.” On the other hand

“I realized the goodness of Hiroshi as a mother. I don’t get angry, I can deal with my children properly, and I am financially safe. I am the best dad.” (Woman, Kanagawa Prefecture)

There were also conspicuous voices who described Hiroshi as “high spec.” It’s the same for men.

“A way of speaking that makes you understand the bad parts from the same perspective as a child, and you can buy a detached house with a garden at that young age + full-time housewife & economic power to support two children” (Kagawa Prefecture, male)

“Everything is ideal. Daddy’s sample existence” (Fukuoka Prefecture, male)

I received a voice praising the appearance of “facing the child firmly.”

2nd place: “Gentle and gentle” “Warmly watching over the independence of children,” Tatsuo Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

“Gentle and gentle” (Hyogo prefecture, female)

“While her wife was hospitalized and it was difficult, she enjoyed doing household chores, working with her children and devising ways to play with them” (Shizuoka Prefecture, female).

“The attitude of accepting children’s opinions that they have seen Totoro is a parent’s guide” (Hiroshima Prefecture, female)

“We accept children as one person, stand from the same perspective, and develop the ability of children to think and act” (Tokyo, women)

In particular, she won second place with many voices from women saying, “I want to be an apprentice as a parent.”

Extra edition: Is there a possibility of being ranked in the future? Rapid breakthrough Araiwa gang and Lloyd

The top rankings are selected from the stable and popular manga and anime. However…! This time, some people are worried about outside the rank. I paid particular attention to the two characters who had the most voices.

Has the era finally caught up? Established the idea of a double-income couple about 37 years ago, Araiwa gang The first is Kazumi Araiwa from the popular manga “Cooking Papa” (written by Tochi Ueyama / Kodansha).

The stage is Hakata. The main character, Araiwa Ichizoku, is loved by his subordinates as a reliable boss at work. My wife, Niko, is a hard-working newspaper reporter and is not good at household chores, so the crew took the initiative to take care of the two children and do household chores, saying, “I’m better at it.” It is a very popular original recipe manga.

The serialization started in 1985 and is still being serialized (161 volumes already published). Thirty-seven years ago, when it was customary to “do not enter the men’s kitchen,” there was a conspicuous voice saying that he was drawing a perfect double-income couple in Rewa.

“Housework and childcare started in an era when women’s work seems to be strong, but my husband is working independently on housework, which is ideal.” (Saitama Prefecture, women)

“A pioneering character in the age when men and women work. It’s not superhuman, but it would be great if there were such a dad” (Tokyo, female)

“A boss who is good at cooking and can be relied on” (Niigata Prefecture, male)

Spies, espers, hitmen … Lloyd, the father of a “temporary family” filled with lies

The other notable is Lloyd from the popular manga “SPY x FAMILY” (written by Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha).

Active as a great spy . A “temporary family” is needed for the mission. He takes over a girl named Anya from the orphanage under the name of psychiatrist Lloyd, and after many twists and turns, marries a serious woman Yor who works at the city hall.
However, Anya was a readable Esper, and Yoru was a great hitman. The couple hides each other’s identity. While Anya does not know that Anya is Esper, and only Anya, who can read the heart, knows the truth, even if various conspiracies occur, the three people will stick to “ordinary daily life.” And it depicts how the three red strangers become a real family.

Serialization starts in 2019 “Shonen Jump +.” The cumulative circulation of the comic (9 already published) has exceeded 21 million, and it was animated in April this year (the opening song is Hige Dan and the ending song is Gen Hoshino!). And will be in the Imperial Theater next year. Its popularity has not stopped, such as the decision to make it into a musical.

Lloyd’s high level of housework ability and appearance of protecting his daughter beyond blood relations were evaluated as an “ideal dad.”

“I’m glad that people capable of work say that raising children is the” most challenging mission. “I think they will bother me together!” (Women, Tokyo)

“While protecting the nation, I also protect my family at the beginning. It’s cool.” (Woman)

In the anime/manga category, as in the celebrity/celebrity category, “people who value family time” were selected as the top ranking. Also, regarding housework and childcare, the attitude of “facing the child” and “being close to the wife” seems to be a good point.

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