‘How to make anime’ Idols! ‘In the digital twin era’ has been released!

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This new communication of recipes was produced in our animation program, ” Ai Dolls! Introduce” your.

Co., Ltd. Ray, Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd. like, as well as Co., Ltd. 81 Produce like, Ltd. BS Asahi along with the like Production Committee as, I was allowed Tazusawara in the production of this work.

This is a production example that utilizes the service “V Character Motion (R) ︎” (* 1) provided by Ray to solve the problem of “I want to try new animation expressions.” ” Dolls! ” Is a 10-day hot and loose story in which vacant-seat festival idols struggle to fill the live house “Hoihoi Hall ” with a capacity of 100 people.

The director of this work is Shota Nakano, who belongs to Ray Co., Ltd./CRAZY. The article also includes comments on points such as the production process, which contrasts with conventional video production.

” The new communication of recipes ” and. From company to company customer, or from company to individual customer. CM, digital content, web, events, printed matter, etc.

This series introduces the backside and process of the project delivered by Ray Co., Ltd., which supports communication regardless of expression method .” Note ” published article “new communication of recipes ” note back number | “3,000 people gather online exchange event How to make of”Events Memoirs ” note back number |” online event?

The “south-southwest to take the course” or (SXSW Online 2021) “Co., Ltd. About Ray “Ray, A planning and production company that supports the way of thinking and expressing corporate communication. We were able to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our founding thanks to the strength of our consistent support system from planning to execution, which can respond to problems from ambiguous situations. We are also working on developing a unique system that supports “With / After Corona ” as a response to the changes caused by the corona disaster.

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