In the sequel to the anime movie “SING,” Uchichan, Maaya Sakamoto, and others sequel MISIA, Masami Nagasawa, Takuya Ohashi, and others want to re-enter the board one after another.

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The Japanese dubbed cast of the latest movie, “SING / Sing: Next Stage,” for the theater of Illumination Entertainment, a US animation production company, was announced on the 29th. Teruyoshi Uchimura and others have decided to continue casting the main cast of the previous work, and fans are welcoming comments.

It was announced on the official movie website, and it was revealed that it would be released nationwide on March 18, 2022.

This work is a sequel to the CG animated film ” SING,” released in 2017, which depicts a singing contest in a world where only animals live in the form of a musical comedy.

A part of the main cast of the Japanese dubbed version was announced, and following the previous work, the main character Buster role (Koala) is the talent Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, Gunter role (pig) is a laughing combination, Trendy Angel Tsukasa Saito, Rosita role ( Pig) is played by voice actor Maaya Sakamoto.

Musicians such as Rosita and Gunter, led by the theater owner Buster who succeeded in the singing contest in the previous work, gained popularity locally.

The theater is full every day. But Buster had a big dream of showing off a new show at the Crystal Tower Theater in Red Shore City, a gorgeous and gorgeous entertainment sanctuary. The sequel’s story is that new challenges for busters will begin on the stage of the greatest dream of life.

The release date has also been decided, and “Sing” ranked high in the Yahoo real-time search trend on the morning of the 29th. On Twitter, there are a series of posts by fans of the previous work who are expecting “great fun” and “I’m looking forward to the scaled-up sing.”

“Last time, I was impressed by the moment when an ordinary movie theater became like a LIVE venue!” “The singing scene of MISIA (the singer who played Mina) as an elephant is thrilling no matter how many times I see it. “Now, my second daughter in elementary school loves SING, and I feel like I’ve watched it about 100 times, not exaggerated. My daughter, who has come to reproduce the live scene fully, has this news this morning.

Many fans are excited to remember the excitement of the previous work, such as “I was excited to watch the movie on TV.” In the cast of the three people who announced the continuation, “Kya ~! Uchichan will make another voice” “Maya-san again !!!” “Rosita continuation! I’m happy!” “Maya-san, of course, but Saito-san is also very good at singing.

I’m looking forward to it! “

Also, as some people say, “If possible, all the main casts should continue to cast,” it seems that many fans want the cast of the characters that have appeared in the previous work to remain the same, even for unreleased forms.

“Johnny (music unit, vocal of Sukima Switch) Takuya Ohashi will continue to cast” “I want Eddie to appear in Mamoru (voice actor Mamoru Miyano )” ” Masami Nagasawa, MISIA, and Takuya Ohashi of Sukima Switch will continue to cast I’m sure it will be done, but I want it to be officially announced as soon as possible. ” Among them, there were some Tsui people who were screaming, “Announcement of the voice actors (of the character that appeared in the previous work) … Why not all at once. The new cast can’t be helped later.”

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