‘I can’t forgive …’ A man’s shadow on the popular Vtuber? The manga trick that depicts behind the scenes on the internet is fantastic.

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Vtuber, which uses 2DCG and 3DCG to pretend to be an anime character and distribute and post videos, appeared around 2018. It has been expanding its popularity year by year, including collaborations with major companies in recent years. However, as long as you pretend to be a character and distribute it, the character’s “who is inside? Problem” is inevitable … This time, we will introduce a surprising manga that takes advantage of recent famous words such as “Middle Man,” “Boyfriend Barre Burning,” and “Super Chat (Throwing Money).”

This manga was released by a cartoonist who posted “unexpected” and “unpredictable” short horror manga on SNS and gathered a lot of attention and has more than 103,000 followers on Twitter. Dare ♂) (@daredemonaidare). It features a detailed depiction of a person and a story with hints, and it is promised that after the article is published, it will be lively in the “impression battle” of the users.

This manga entitled “Kamiyuki Rin” is an enormous flame because a male voice is included in the live distribution of the popular Vtuber “Kamiyuki Rin”! It starts from the scene. A lot of slanderous defamation was written on SNS, and it was “Kamiyuki Rin” who fell into a crisis, but there are still fans who support her… The twist from the resurrection of “Kamiyuki Rin” is unpredictable.

There were many surprised and acclaimed voices in the comments, such as “The moment I noticed it! I uttered a voice” and “That’s it.” In addition, there are many comments that it is interesting to read again, “The meaning changed after reading twice” and “Everything was connected when I reread it.” The impression when I first saw it and when I reread it are different. Is also interesting. The characters’ names and the hints on each pose are also essential points.

You can read it to see through the seeds or enjoy the surprise of being deceived at first. It is probably the charm of Mr. Nobody’s manga that enjoying it changes depending on how you read it. If you don’t know what it is, you may want to think from the words “voice changer” and “babiniku.”

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