I was thrilled by the seductive design of the ‘female machine beauties’ who colored the robot anime.

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Regarding robot anime characters, the excellent main character Robo, the semi-protagonist character Ibushi Gin, or the rival character who fights to the death with the main character and sometimes becomes an ally comes to mind. And among the rugged robots, the female-type “machine beauty” who stands out is also a classic character in robot anime.

“Nobel Gundam” designed like a sailor warrior
The anime “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” depicts hot fighting battles by robots, and within that, the ” Nobel Gundam” is a female-type machine that is both hot and cute.

Allenby Beardsley, the representative of Neo Sweden in the 13th Gundam Fight, pilots this aircraft. It features long, flowing blond hair and a large red ribbon on the chest, and you can see the design around the neck that is reminiscent of the collar of a sailor suit.

The waist part should be a standard design for mobile fighters and mobile suits, but for some reason, it looks like a sailor miniskirt from the overall atmosphere. Armed with a heroine-like armament, it is equipped with a ” beam ribbon” that imitates a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon and a “Nobel hula hoop” that imitates a hula hoop.

Even in the work of “Mobile Fighter G Gundam,” he frequently appears alongside his rival characters, Master Asia, Schwarz Bruder, and the members of the Shuffle Alliance.

In addition, the times he appears are famous scenes, such as the activation of Berserker mode, the tag match with the main character Domon, and the transformation into Walter Gundam, which is a significant turning point. Combined with such episodes, she is still a “machine beauty,” which is still very popular.

“Venus A” with a mature design
“Mazinger Z” is the first generation of giant robots that are piloted by people, and female robots such as “Afrodai A” and “Minerva X” also appeared in “Mazinger Z.” Among such series, “Bunas A” was fantastic. Aphrodite A, reminiscent of hairstyles such as short twin-tails and curls, has the image of a lively girl, but Venus A has to drip long hair. Its design looks like it has a bright red rouge on the mouth, giving it a mature look. She can be called a “machine beauty.”

The large chest missile, commonly known as the “oppai missile, ” a staple of Mazinger support robots, is still alive. It is also equipped with photon power beams and finger missiles and can fly with Venus Scrander. In terms of such performance, it is excellent among Mazinger support robots, and there is a scene where it defeated a battle beast. Defeating the Seven Great Generals, “Demon Fish General Angolas,” can be a feat.

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