‘Zombie Land Saga Revenge’ The best album will be released on September 28th.

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It has been decided that the best album containing the songs of the original TV anime “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” set in Saga Prefecture will be released on September 28. The first online live event in the series will be held three times from July 30. Of the 29 songs on the album, three unreleased songs will be unveiled for the first time at this event.

The best album, “Zombie Land Saga Revenge Franchouchou The Best Revenge,” covers a variety of songs sung by the idol “Franchouchou” in the works. It contains full-size versions such as “REVENGE” and “Gekko Survive” that could only be heard on the bonus of the anime Blu-ray disc, and “Neve ending saga” sung by producer Kotaro Tatsumi.

A large volume that includes songs by characters that color the story, such as “Do you hate windy days?” (White Ryu), “Life” (Ozora Light), and “NOPE !!!!!” (Iron Frill). Content. The jacket illustrates a member wearing a black-based costume that was previously shown only at live events of the cast members. The price is 3850 yen (tax included).

Furthermore, the online live “Zombie Land Saga LIVE 3D Virtual Franchouchou Online Showcase !!?” It will be held on July 30, August 27, and September 24 at 9:00 pm. After creating a 3D virtual model of seven Franchouchou people, the story opens with the story of the seven people holding an online event for the first time.

The scenario was written by Mr. Murakoshi, who was responsible for the series composition of the TV animation, and the MC members are different each time. Three new songs included in the best album will be unveiled at this event, one music each time. It will be revealed online live, including the story of what kind of situation each song was made.

For live performances, you can watch the archive for a certain period after the distribution ends. The deadline is 11:59 pm for the first meeting on August 14, the second meeting on September 11, and the third meeting on October 10.

There are four types of distribution tickets, regular (3300 yen), multi-angle (4500 yen), with CD (7150 yen), and multi-angle with CD (8350 yen), and purchased by the start time of each. In addition, there are four types of through tickets with bonus videos (9,500 yen, 12,800 yen, 13,350 yen, and 16,650 yen), which can be purchased until the first start time. Purchase at Ticket Pia, Rakuten Ticket, Lawson Ticket, Eplus, and mahocast. (Naoya Shigaki)

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