I want to get a cat caught! ?? 100,000 people sympathize with the depiction of liquid cats. ‘This situation is common w.’

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The creative cat manga “Cat that seems to fit” has been posted on Twitter and has become a hot topic—posted by “Kyuru Z (@kyuryuZ),” who draws a manga modeled on his cat. This time as well, sympathy gathered with “This situation is common w” and “I understand!”, And the tweets have more than 106,000 “likes.”

When I try to close my laptop or drawer, “Oops! I get caught.”
Munchkin Kuruga was sleeping next to the main character, Houta, who was working on a computer. When Houta-Kun, who had finished the work, tried to close the laptop computer, the flank of Kuruga-chan, stuck to the computer as if to bite into it, seemed to get caught in “Funyu.” Houta closed his computer while avoiding his “slack” stomach, but Kuruga slept without worrying about it.

On another day, in front of Kuruga-chan sitting on the costume case, Hoota-Kun opened the drawer and was looking for something. When I thought to close the drawer, “Tara” and the tip of Kuruga’s tail went into the drawer. Dangerous! Hoota-Kun lifts his tail with his fingers, saying he was about to pinch it. Kyurga responded to her having a seat, but she seemed indifferent to being robbed.

Houta-Kun was sitting in a chair and reading a book, thinking, “I feel like I’m often in a place where I’m likely to get caught.” Then, this time, Kuruga came between her back and Hoota’s back. Houta wondered, “What would happen if it was sandwiched?” However … Kuruga was so no reaction that she hurriedly lifted her back, apologizing, “I’m sorry.”

It’s a story that, strangely, a cat is strange that she doesn’t care if she gets caught, and she’s calm because she might get seen if she stays as it is.

“Luxury meat is sluggish or still liquid …”
“Funyu … is too cute …!”
“I think it’s a little sandwiched, isn’t it?”
“Cats have various no reactions, aren’t they?”
“Involuntarily (*’艸 `) I laughed (train now).”
“There is. I’m sorry.”

In this manga, there are comments that Kuruga-chan’s no reaction is cute and sympathy. However, many owners are angry with cats because they pinch or step on their tails without noticing it.

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